Sonori are a cinematic post rock outfit you can dance to, hailing from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. The band started as an instrumental three piece made of up looped cellos, drum machines, guitars and keys. Eventually, they were joined by vocalist Lulu, who added an ethereal edge and pop sensibility to their music.

They’ve just released their debut single ‘Vanity’,  which is taken from their self titled EP, set to be released on the 20th of November.

Lulu says that this debut single ‘is a reminder not to become hypnotised by intangible, insatiable ideals. To ground oneself in love and compassion, and acknowledge one’s own inherent beauty so as not to flagellate the only thing that can really help you at the end of the day.’ The debut release was accomompanied by a stunning video filmed inside an old church in the band’s hometown.

We wanted to get a bit more background on the stunning new track, to understand the thought process behind it, and how it came to fruition, so we had the band tell us the story behind ‘Vanity’.

“At the time we wrote Vanity I was thinking a lot about social pressures, body image and how we all seem to have a constant struggle with this. It affects some of us more than others, to the point where we see people go to drastic, and sometimes regrettable lengths to feel better about ourselves. You could also argue that this is a wholly natural evolutionary instinct – our need to be wanted and loved is powerful. The metaphor of the picture frame in the video is our attempt at capturing that idea.

 I’d written some stuff and brought the ideas to our resident poet/vocalist Lulu. She had some amazing perspective on this topic, so we ended up co-writing Vanity. It was our first foray in writing together for Sonori so as you can imagine, we were left feeling incredibly encouraged and excited about the future. 

 Vanity was also hugely important in defining our sound and process. Tim’s Cello writing really stretched us into a more cinematic orchestral space while Jaspers electronics have pulled us in a really interesting opposing direction. And the result puts big grins on these faces.”

You can pre-order the band’s debut EP here.