With a mash-up of genres comes a song with clear influences from the likes of country, soul and RnB. English singer/songwriter, Joseph J. Jones opens up about his latest single, ‘Crawl’.

The inspiration for the song is drawn from Jones’ personal experience a toxic relationship. Its video clip, directed by Michael Holyk, portrays this dark and gritty emotional state.

‘[I was] getting messed around by an old flame’, he says. ‘I was involved in a triangle relationship and ended up being on the doormat side of it.’

‘In a twist of events, I was on the opposite side of the spectrum with another girl sort of becoming the instigator of ending an unhealthy relationship, so felt it necessary to add to the many other love/heartache songs out there with my true experience.’

‘When I wrote the song it song just poured out. Weirdly it became heavily influenced by chain gang and gospel music. I wanted to create my own bluesy cry out to a woman as I felt locked up in the relationship. It really stuck with me and influences a lot of my music.’

‘The video for Crawl, directed by Michael Holyk, came really naturally too. I wanted the video to be simple and gritty and to be in a place I was comfortable with so we filmed in the east end. Michael captured it incredibly well even filming on real film and not digital which in itself was a risk but one that paid off.’

‘It was a first performing in front of the camera for me and had never looked down the barrel of a gun when it came to filming. I hate doing shit like that but once I see how it came out I thought it looked sick. Go check it.’

Be sure to listen to Crawl‘s unplugged version for a rawer version of the song.