It’s not every day you find an international recording opportunity sliding into your DM’s, but one that 17-year-old Anais was lucky enough to experience. The Brisbane youngster had publicised her win at the local Ekka Country Music Showdown on her Instagram page, and woke up to a message from Will and Michelle Gawley of Lighthouse Records in Nashville. It was this pivotal opportunity in Anais‘ short career that saw her squeezing in trips to Nashville between school terms to mingle with the likes of Kim Wood Sandusky (former vocal coach for Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland) and to record her debut deluxe EP Push Through. 

Anais‘ first taste from her experience recording in Nashville comes in the form of the delightfully nostalgic and thoughtful track ‘To Our Home’, a tantalising precursor to her highly anticipated debut release. A delicate folk/country ballad that articulates Anais‘ experience of feeling free and adventurous on the cusp of her career. Her soaring vocals combined with a catchy guitar riff and driving percussion have an innocence to them sprinkled with the feeling of certainty and security that Anais so easily encapsulates as an up and comer.

Anais’ discusses writing this track at a point in her life when everything was shifting to unfamiliar and exciting new territories, and in this way captures an important chapter in her career.

‘Heading into my senior year in high school, thoughts of excitement started to become consistent at the beginning of 2017. An important chapter in my life was coming to a close and I was unsure yet incredibly eager to find out what the following years would bring my way. ‘To Our Home’ reflects this period of my life where everything I had known for 12 years was changing. The ‘up and down’, ‘left and right’ that was my emotions and thoughts at this time.

In preparation for the recording of my first deluxe EP, in which I recorded in Nashville in March this year, this was the final addition to the album of ballads and heartfelt lyrics.

A mix of upbeat country and pop tumbled into this tune, giving the perfect level of enthusiasm and uncertainty. This song allows me to let my hair down and enjoy the mixture of emotions and thoughts coming my way at any time in my life. It ensures the celebration of the little things in life that make us feel adventurous and daring.

When I recorded the track in Nashville, after a week of amazing learning and performance opportunities, this song seemed to sum up the future life I wanted for myself in the music industry. A life of travel, adventure and a never-ending passion for the craft of music. After working with incredibly talented musicians and supportive producers, I knew where I belonged to in this crazy world, so I guess ‘To Our Home’ represents this event in my life also.

‘This tune is fun and exciting, just like life should be’.

You can grab a copy of Anais‘ debut EP Push Through here, to keep up to date with all her upcoming performances, head here!