Think alternative pop mixed  with a heavy dose of lucid dreaming and you’ll get Yelderbert’s new track: DreamZ. This is the artist’s second release, and he has already proven himself to be uniquely different, and clearly sets himself far away from normal conventions and the mundane. The Melbourne musician (real name Max Dowling) has been releasing music since 2017, and his new track allows him to make his own distinct mark on the pop scene.

If you want to understand the motivation and inspiration behind this track, check out what he has to say below!

‘I wrote DreamZ originally as a love song, which is a bit of an anomaly because I don’t write many love songs. But just before recording the final vocals that relationship ended. It left me in a funny position because in many ways I don’t believe the writer’s lyrical intention is that relevant – an audience will read into a song and take out of it what they want to take. But at the same time I was heart broken and didn’t feel right releasing an optimistic, romantic song. So I twisted the words just enough- in that passive aggressive year 9 MSN kinda way- so that on the surface they might seem like a love song to people, but for me I could deliver them knowing they’re a self-critique and a brooding post-mortem of a break up.
But I don’t think it matters, to be honest. Lyrics are just a relic of a time and place. Surely many of people’s favourite songs mean one thing to them and something different to the author. And musically, I guess it sounds like a happy song. Most of my music probably does. I just like major 7 chords; I often feel very sad when I write them. It will have an infinity of meanings; one for me and one new one for each new listener.
I think I’m arriving at my own creative voice. I’m not trying to sound like somebody else, or make something in a particular style. After struggling against indecision, immaturity, insecurity and a whole bunch of other bad things, I’m starting to feel comfortable individually, and it’s really exciting. I’m just trying to make interesting music that expresses who I am.
Maybe that doesn’t sound very profound, but for me it is. Partly because it’s been a bit of a voyage to get here, musically and emotionally. Partly because (claws are out) it seems many artists are trying to do more or less the exact opposite – make uninspired music that doesn’t represent themselves. To make a distinction; it’s completely valid to make music in a genre that you authentically engage in; like if you love hip hop beats I think you should make them. I am not having a dig at ‘genre’ music. But I am pretty dubious of people deliberately making flavour-of-the-month content that isn’t their authentic voice, in order to profit from a pre-existing cultural framework.
So DreamZ, like my debut single ‘Let Go’ and everything else that I’m working on atm, is a big part of an emotional exercise in caring less and being myself more. Hopefully that’s reflected in the musical and emotional gestures in the song.
Also if you buy the song on Bandcamp the money goes to Safe Steps; who do amazing work in prevention and support of victims of domestic violence.
xoxo ‘