Sydney’s Oh My My has put together a banger of a new single in ‘Animal House’, which features Kitrich (James Kitto) on vocal duties. It is a mixture of a dark, brooding, synth pop with a slight techno twist that is bound to get a dance floor moving. The producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Sam Thomlinson from the indie quintet Bad Pony is the man behind the Oh My My moniker, and is setting himself up as  an artist to look out for.

We had him take us inside the track, and give us some insight behind what inspired him to create the piece, and how he went about it.

‘I think we’ve all been in one of those situations towards the end of a relationship where we struggle to let go and we use sex and lust in what is ultimately a destructive manner. I don’t think this is always done in malice, but it’s often hard to move on and we tend to use that against each other. That is what Animal House is about.

I had some friends that were going through this (it’s definitely happened to me too). They were also living in a share house at the time and one of my friends living there described it to me as an Animal House, which is where all the lyrics started from..  So yes, I stole the song idea from my friend… artistic borrowing? There’s also a line in there, ‘we’re alone here, we’re all lonely’, which is how we tend to feel at the end of a relationship. I think this then leads us into our destructive habits, where we just end up hurting someone we care about and ourselves.’

‘I tried to match these twisted lyrical themes with the music. The harmony is often obscure and the sonics turbulent, which I think match the over the theme of the lyrics. It’s meant to be a bit of a journey that gradually gets more intense and aggressive.

Animal House is all self-produced/mixed/mastered. I have a pretty simple studio set up at home for tracking and mixing. I used a Roland JD-Xi for most of the drum samples as well as a few of the synth parts. I find it easier and more fun to mess around with automation on hardware synthesizers rather than VSTs. That being said, I also used a bunch of VSTs in the track. The hope and dream is to move out of the home studio eventually, but for the moment it makes life easy.

I’ve finished about an albums worth of tunes, so I’m hoping to start getting them out in the world over the next 6 months.’