Nic Cester, the former frontman of the iconic Australian band JET, has undergone a transformation. Not only is he sporting an unruly beard nowadays, but he has created a stunning new record which embraces his penchant for all things psychedelic. Sugar Rush, his debut solo album, will be released on the 3rd of November through Bloodlines.

Sugar Rush promises to be a stylistic departure for Nic Cester, an entirely new direction for an artist who has become synonymous with Australian rock. Cester has spent a few years of well deserved downtime living in various cities dotted around Europe, from Berlin to Milan. European flavours can be heard in his new music – Italy in particular seems to have inspired vast swathes of this new project. Part of the album was recorded at Milan’s legendary Officine Mecchaniche studio, and his new live band, Milano Elettrica are all Italian. Even the title of the first single from the album, ‘Psichebello’ roughly translates from Italian to Beautiful Psyche.

We wanted to understand a little bit more about the lush, curious, and uniquely transcendent track ‘Psichebello’, so we had Cester himself take us on a journey through how it all came together.

“Psichebello was a demo that I had lying around, which I had kind of regretted not finishing. After recording the album with Jim Abbiss, I listened to the finished result and was able to objectively decide that the finished project wasn’t weighted in a way that was representative of where I was at. There were a few songs on there that, despite being quite strong, were a little more dramatic than I had previously realised… which meant that the album as a whole was missing a few songs which were a little lighter, more fun.”

“So I made the difficult decision to cut two songs from the album and head back in the studio, and finish two different songs that seemed more appropriate and represented something that I felt was missing from the overall mood of the album – ‘Psichebello’ being one of them. By this point Jim was out of the picture, so I went back into a studio in Milan with engineer Tommaso Colliva. Together we recorded and produced ‘Psichebello’. It was a fun session. Within the song I felt there was the space and a moment where I could let the musicians (Italian band Calibro 35) loose and showcase their style and abilities, which happens in the middle-eight section. I like it, and I’m glad that there is a psychedelic moment on the album which was one of the genres or styles that had otherwise been missing. It was a welcome and needed addition.”


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Memo Music Hall | St Kilda, VIC | 18+

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