Brissy native Jaguar Jonze has come out with a new single ‘You Got Left Behind’, and its certainly a unique take on the current indie scene we have here in Australia. A bit of gun slingin’ country influence, its a driving, upbeat, and a hauntingly soulful piece of work that deserves more than one listen.

Read the story of how this unique single came about by none other than Jaguar Jonze herself:

You Got Left Behind was actually the last song I wrote in a body of work. It popped up out of no where and then I just knew it had to be the first single, so it was a bit of a mad rush to turn it around to get it ready for release. Though, it was also one of those songs that just worked out. You have some songs that are a pain in the bottom and then sometimes, you get lucky with an easy gem. 

At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I had just come home from work, felt like noodling on the guitar and wrote the song as a really slow ballad. It stayed in my iPhone memos for a while too as a song that will never see the light of day. When I showed the band, they thought to speed it up and add a groove to it to lift it. For a while we just had this arrangement of synths, electric guitars and slide guitars but we knew it needed that extra spicy seasoning, which is where Joe (my guitarist) and I thought to add some strings. So we spent like 2 days arranging strings together, something we’ve never done. Roped in our friend Flora who is an amazing violinist and viola player to do both parts and the song was finally complete. 
In terms of what the song is about, I guess You Got Left Behind is a reflection on toxic relationships and Peter Pan syndrome. It’s about the pain of having to be there for someone who continues to wallow, pity and victimise themselves and that you can only step back and wait instead of continuously wading through the toxicity. 

She’s been having quite an exciting couple of weeks already, with 60k+ Spotify streams, a bunch of spins on Triple J and Double J, 40+ Unearthed reviews and appearances at Music Matters in Singapore and Indonesia’s International Indie Music Festival this month. We’re sure Jaguar Jonze is an up and coming name that will make quite an impact on the scene.