Fizzy Milk aka Caleb Nott has just released his new track ‘Make Me Feel. He gave us a bit of insight into the story behind the music.

‘Make Me Feel’ started out as an instrumental track that I made with my close friend Camila Mora back in August. It had been sitting in the Fizzy Files for a while, when I played it to Jarryd while we were both spending a week in the jungles of Nicaragua on a songwriting camp. Jarryd seemed to take an instant liking to it and asked me if he could sing something on it. My immediate reaction was obviously a big fat “yes please”. Jarryd came over to my home studio in L.A and ‘Make Me Feel’ was brought to life reasonably quickly over a slab of shitty beers and in between rounds of FIFA.

As is a testament to the silky sexiness of Jarryd’s vocals, as soon as he started to sing along it went from a pretty good instrumental demo, to a song you and yours would want to fornicate to.

For me the Fizzy Milk project sprung from my want to start working with more artists across the genre spectrum and branch out on a production level from what I’d done before. Jarryd has always been an artist and voice at the top of my collaborator list. Broods collaborated with him on a song called ‘1000X’ from his last E.P and his voice is perfect for the kind of sludgy psychedelic nature of this track and what Fizzy Milk is all about.