Sydney based dream pop duo EGOISM have just released a single to which I’m sure most of us can relate. The message in the song is nuanced, and poetic without seeming too over the top. Scout Eastman, who wrote the song describes it:

“I think, at some point in everyone’s life, you end up saying sorry to someone who really should be saying sorry back, and that’s bullshit. Sorry is all about petty conflict and learning to trust your own feelings over someone else’s, it’s pretty much an anti-gaslighting anthem! So it was important to show the place we retreat to to figure all that out, our bedrooms. Which is, unsurprisingly, where we wrote this song.”

Check out their new accompanying music video which certainly fits the dreamy vibe with pastel tones, subdued yet colourful makeup, and saturated lighting; it certainly is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with shiny, high budget, and dare I say, tacky music videos. ‘Sorry’ is the tune you need to bliss out on a Sunday afternoon with the smell of Spring in the air.

If you like what you hear, make sure to check out their tour dates:

Sharing the stage with Sketch Jets

September 29th @ Hamilton Station Hotel – Newcastle, NSW. With NTL Landmarks.

October 6th @ WAYWARDS – Newtown, Sydney, NSW. With Stream Lea.

October 11th @ RAD BAR – Wollongong, NSW. With Space Boys, Scab Baby.

October 12th @ TRANSIT BAR  – Canberra, ACT. With Elk Locker, Lost Coast, Hopeless Youth Group.

October 13th @ YARRA HOTEL – Melbourne, VIC.  With Endamame, The New Dregs.