Spike Vincent – ‘Faded’

Spike Vincent is a solo artist currently playing relentlessly throughout Sydney and interstate. Having experimented with acoustic and more abrasive sounds in the past, Spike seems pretty comfortable with this hazy and downbeat synth sound, reminiscent of 80s pop and shoegaze.

Mesa Cosa – ‘Church of the Snake’

Live legends Mesa Cosa continue to prove themselves offstage with their latest single Church Of The Snake’. A spontaneous, yet well-rounded punk rock track that’ll have you bouncing in no time. If you haven’t seen Mesa Rosa live yet, make sure you add that to your to-do list. 

Elsie and the Vibe – ‘Take Me’

This track packs a deep soulful voice with some incredibly catchy hooks. One for lovers of funk, soul, RnB and pop.

DARTS – ‘Cinder Bloc’

Do you dig Pixies, Modest Mouse, 90s Sonic YouthThen you’ll probably dig the neurotic, angst driven sound of Cinder Bloc’.

Hansaa & Soso – ‘Need to Know Ft. Oliver Tank’

With a dreamy beat and pop-sensibilities, this collaboration makes for a smooth, relaxing listen for the modern RnB fan.

messy mammals – ‘Orchids’

This electronic number is a pretty whacky mix of beats, synth and guitar chords. Messy, eclectic and fun, just as the artist intended.

Backyard – ‘Reality Television’

Indie-pop that fits in well with our current generation. Memorable lyrics and a fairly smooth structure make this a pleasant listen.

James Milsom – ‘Ishi’

A dreamy number with an emphasis on atmosphere and ambience that takes you off to some far away places.

The Dusty Millers – ‘Wildwood Flower’ (With The Collingwood Casanovas)

Banjo, double-bass, violin and a presumably intoxicated crowd give life to this live and lively country western collaboration.

Orcha – ‘Motion’

A tripped out electronic tune structured around a violin. With an anxious build-up and mesmerising climax, this track deserves a second listen!


Live video of MOTION for your eyes and ears. Recorded live in July 2017 using Violin run through pedals and Ableton FX, Moog synth bass and drums.Audio recorded & mixed by LubokuVideo shot and edited by LP Creative Arts and Media

Posted by ORCHA on Sunday, 20 August 2017