Angie – A Ring

This new track from Angela Garrick, under the moniker Angie, is the first follow up of her 2015 sophomore album Free Agent. Angie has been working on her new record Shyness, which is set to drop at the end of March on RICE IS NICE for the last little while, and ‘A Ring’ is the first cut from it. Moody and introspective, the track strikes a different tone to Angie’s previous work. Where Free Agent was a fuzzy, lo-fi, electric guitar driven affair, ‘A Ring’ is a warm, enveloping and highly emotive acoustic number. This kind of tonal shift is a great introduction to a new sound from a fantastic artist, and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the record.

Junq Dub – Raw

This tune from Melbourne based producer Junq Dub is a perfect late night, cooked dance floor number. Embracing the hallmarks of a deep house song, but adding ambient washed out synths and eclectic glitches, Junq Dub has crafted a dance song that is both familiar and entirely unique – a delicate balance that is executed with apparent ease. Clocking in at just over seven minutes, ‘Raw’ is a slow burning tune which continues to gradually evolve as it progresses, and each additional sound added to the musical tapestry serves to expand its sonic reach. You can download it for free on Junq Dub‘s Soundcloud.

Fierce Mild – Solaris

Fierce Mild are one of those few bands whose name perfectly summarises their sound. There is a dichotomy of gentle melodic interplay, and occasional intensity which offers an engaging listen. This is the second single from the group’s new record, and it was written ‘entirely in response to a dream journal.’ ‘Solaris’ takes the listener on a journey as it ebbs and flows through the various influences held by the band, and this combination of influence results in something which sounds entirely fresh and unique. There is no easy way to describe the music of Fierce Mild – it’s the sort of thing you have to experience first hand to appreciate. This is a truly enthralling song.

Oscar Key Sung – Shallow

Oscar Key Sung has done some incredible work over the course of his career, and with this track he just released yesterday he has proven again why he is a formidable force in the Australian music scene, with a distinctly international flavour and appeal. ‘Shallow’ is a beautiful r’n’b pop song – Oscar’s vocals are far less effected than they have been on previous releases, and this actually serves his gorgeous singing voice very well. The subtleties of the production on ‘Shallow’ is where it shines the most. Well that, and the utterly infectious vocal melody.