Once again, we’re celebrating the best rising talents across Australia’s music scene, with these fantastic new tunes.

Retiree – Jan

This awesome song from Melbourne/Sydney three piece outfit Retiree is hard to pin down. It is a chameleon of a track, boasting influences as diverse as afro-beat, funk, disco and 80’s power pop. ‘Jan’ is a patchwork of intersecting ideas with a backbone of pure melodic mastery. The intricate percussive arrangements, colourful synthesiser tones and soaring chorus all combine to create a rather extraordinary listen.

Ocean St. – Like The Rain

This track from Sydney based group Ocean St. is a gorgeous little slice of melodic guitar pop. The band released the song independently last year, but it has just been picked up by The A&R Department who have re-released the tune under their own banner. The group work skilfully with one another, and sound like they’re having a great time doing it. Simple and sweet, ‘Like The Rain’ is an infectious tune that is a sign of very good things to come.

Au Drè – Lines

Textured, smooth, groovy, funky, and just a whole lot of fun. Composed as something of a throwback, but with a very modern twist, ‘Lines’ is an explosive song that dares the listener to not want to dance. There is something profound about the sheer likability of the song, and the vocal sits with the music so perfectly. There is so much enjoyment to be found here. Expect to hear a whole lot more about Au Drè in the very near future.

Little Wise – Favourite Song 

A slow burning, delicately layered, simmering bed of guitars and drums atop which a gorgeous and haunting vocal sits. The moniker of Melbourne based folk/roots artist Sophie Klein, Little Wise is on the cusp of delivering her debut album Silver Birch. The lyrics of ‘Favourite Song’ are utterly lovely, and the overall result is a song that works on every level. We can’t wait to check out the rest of this album. Catch Little Wise supporting Rare Child at Dancing Dog, 42 Albert St Footscray on Saturday the 15th of April.

Major Leagues – It Was Always You

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Major Leagues debut album for a while now, and this first taste from it is rather promising. ‘It Was Always You’ is a perfectly constructed pop song, married to a lo-fi, garage sounding production – a symbiotic relationship which allows the tune to flourish. There is an emotional twinge to the vocal and bass line that is hard to shake, and something so utterly lovely about the simplistic, but moving arrangements.

Destrends – Lousy Lover

This number is the title track from Destrends new EP. A powerful vocal and fairly intense lyrics are complimented by sludgy instrumentation, and a slow groove. There is an element of restraint side by side with an element of aggression – the balance is meticulous, and serves the song perfectly. ‘Lousy Lover’ wouldn’t sound out of place on a Bad Seeds album, and there is a rollicking darkness to the song. Somewhere between goth and new wave, Destrends occupy a unique space and own it entirely. The whole EP is well worth a spin or two.