It’s the end of another long week, and we’ve selected a handful of amazing new Australian tunes to psych you up for the weekend.

Biscotti – Instamatic 

This new track from LISTEN Records signees Biscotti would be best heard whilst wearing a combination of pastel colours, sipping a fruity cocktail on the beach. A perfect pop song in every way, the song has an air of 80’s influence, and the vocal delivery and instrumentation is utterly flawless. The four piece band, which features one of the members of phenomenal Melbourne outfit Huntly, have a carefully curated aesthetic which melds fantastically with their sound. You could listen to this track on repeat for hours and never get bored. ‘Instamatic’ is the second cut from Biscotti‘s debut album, which is set to be released in the coming weeks.

Redspencer – Perks 

The debut record from Melbourne locals Redspencer is a terrific collection of indie pop songs, peppered with occasional light synthesisers, driven by jangly guitars, and anchored by meticulous and moving songwriting. The melodic progressions of the tracks that make up Perks require repeated listens to fully appreciate, but each is extraordinarily catchy. Redspencer refer to their sound as “dad-rock” which isn’t too far from the truth. There is a clear influence from decades gone, a nostalgic element that is hard to shake. Each of the eleven songs on this album work individually, but flourish as a whole – there is a thematic unity which allows the record to float along beautifully. There are moments of all out playing, like on the track ‘Perks’, contrasted with gentler numbers like the hypnotic ‘Some People’. The album is out now on Deaf Ambitions, and Redspencer will launch it on the 10th of February at The Curtain in Carlton.

Private Function – Heavy Resistance 

The video for the new single ‘Heavy Resistance’ from Melbourne based powerhouse Private Function‘s debut EP Six Smokin’ Songs frames itself as an infomercial for some kind of cleaning product. How seriously this group takes themselves is up for debate due to the nature of a clip and a song like this, but the quality is undeniable. The song is a fast paced, fast burning, rollicking number that may cause ones head to involuntarily bang. Raucous, rough around the edges, and a whole lot of fun, we cannot recommend this track enough.

Luke Seymoup – Mosquitoes 

Luke Seymoup’s first track released on Whisk & Key Records, the single ‘Mosquitoes’ is only two and a half minutes in length, but it packs an awful lot to remember in that short run time. A wonderful pop melody sits atop a heavily strummed chord progression that brings to mind some of the better pop-punk of the late 90’s. In regards to its sound, ‘Mosquitoes’ is absolutely huge, and it bristles with personality and joy. Luke Seymoup will launch ‘Mosquitoes’ at The Old Bar in Fitzroy on February 4th.