Time For Dreams – Stranger

Delicate, dreamy, sensual, groovy and multi-faceted. This track is the second number from Time For Dreams upcoming debut album to be released on it Records later this year. It’s a beautiful tune that has a smoky atmosphere and a certain alluring quality. The fragile, croaky, whispered vocals sit perfectly with the washed out synthesisers and guitars while a driving rhythm section unites the song. A beautiful and effervescent piece, Stranger is the sign of very good things to come from this Melbourne based duo. Bonus points for the cover art being an image of a young Jeff Goldlbum with a single tear sliding down his perfect face.

White Bleaches – Mystery Child 7″

Who said rock is dead?! An idiot, that’s who. This slice of pure guitar based goodness from Melbourne’s White Bleaches harks back to the 1970’s and oozes charisma, and character. From the second the melodic guitar licks that lead in ‘Mystery Child’ begin, the listener is captivated, and the song only improves from there as the lo-fi vocal cuts through the mix, progressing to a satisfying and rather catchy chorus. The b-side ‘In The Night’ is something of a danceable folk blues number that compliments ‘Mystery Child’ perfectly. One of the best live bands on the local scene, White Bleaches really prove their worth on this 7″, which we highly recommend you get around.

Aeriae – Firmament

Every now and then you stumble on an artist with less than 100 likes on Facebook, hear their music, and decry the world for not having given them the attention that they deserve. Aeriae is one of those artists. A member of the Australian electronic collective Clan AnalogueAeriae has a clear grasp of intricate electronic music which is both accessible to a wider audience and technically profound enough for audio geeks to fawn over. The beat is quite reminiscent of some of Aphex Twin‘s best work, and the minimal layering of instrumentation allows each element to stand out from one another. ‘Firmament’ is the first track from Aeriae‘s soon to be released album Peril Triagewhich you can preorder on his Bandcamp through Clan Analogue right now.

Jeffers Limit – Insolent/Spots 7″

It’s been a long week, hasn’t it? You deserve to kick back, put your feet up and relax. Slow down a little bit. This new 7″ double single from Jeffers Limit offers the perfect tunes to do just that to. Patient and slow burning like a stick of incense, with organic instrumentation and lovely group vocal harmonies, ‘Insolent’ transports the listener to a whole other world, where woes and worries seem to just melt away. The accompanying ‘Spots’ boasts similar qualities – natural, gentle, delicate and utterly gorgeous; it’s like a blooming flower, gradually opening to reveal its full beauty. This is a rather powerful release – let it take you away.