It’s fair to say at this point in time that the revolutionary concept of music streaming which has swept the globe is not going away any time soon. As the phenomenon has taken the industry by storm over the last few years, Australia has become one of the largest consumers of streaming services in the world. Our land down under is the sixth largest music market in the world, and the fifth largest in terms of digital sales, and we have 27 streaming services available to consumers here. Almost all Australians intentionally listen to music weekly, and 57% of us attend live music events each year, making music the biggest art form in Australia.

As the medium of streaming is embraced with open arms by the consumer community, a few crazy and unprecedented situations have come to light, like a band releasing a silent album for fans to stream as they sleep, as a revenue raising scheme. Legal battles have arisen for established artists like Frank Ocean, who have circumvented the traditional model of releasing music through a label, and taken control of their art-form thanks to opportunities offered by streaming services. For the first time in music history, you can now listen to whatever you want wherever you are, especially with the rising business of streaming speakers. Whether you’re at your office, at home, or on the train, all of the music you could possibly want is at your fingertips. Of course, the industry of streaming has its detractors – there are those who believe that artists do not earn their fair share from the medium, and also many people who think that the process of streaming pales in comparison to the long gone days of CD and vinyl domination. 

We sat down with Zac Abroms and Vader Fame prior to their Face The Music appearances and asked for their opinions on the new, complex and dense world of music streaming in this special Speaker TV feature video.