In celebration of their newest single, Twitch, UK/AU electronic duo Antony & Cleopatra have put together a late night playlist for Speaker TV.

Alexander Burnett (Antony), originally from Sydney and now based in the UK, is co-founder of Australian pop-rock band, Sparkadia. Anita Blay, AKA CockNBullKid (Cleopatra) has also seen success as a solo artist in the UK. Burnett and Blay formed Antony & Cleopatra together in 2014, marking a new and exciting chapter in their careers.

The duo is currently in Australia and will be performing a headlining show on December 13th at Bondi’s Beach Road Hotel.

Twitch is the second official single to be lifted from their full-length debut album which is expected to drop in 2018.


Antony & Cleopatra’s ‘Songs for Late Nights’ Playlist:


Soho – Hot Music

Anita: This song was originally released in 1990 but when I first heard it, I couldn’t tell if it had been made decades ago or weeks ago. I’m always impressed by how timeless it sounds considering a jazz loop dominates the entire song. It’s like nothing you’ve heard before [with] a really cool use of the Karen Young – Hot For You vocal sample.

Burial – Archangel

A&A: This song reminds us of cold nights in London. Catching the night bus home alone.

Arca – Saunter

A&A: Such a beautiful track with layers and sharp turns. Listen to this and you’re very likely to fall into an altered state.

Little Dragon – Pretty Girls

Anita: Yukimi’s voice is one of my favourites to listen to. She soundtracks most of my evenings. This is a perfect late night jam.

Leon Vynehall – Time

Alexander: What I love most about this is the way it builds but there’s never any payoff. It’s the perfect comedown track. We love Leon as he always does Dance with subtlety and sophistication.

Rae Sremmurd –  Swang

Anita: I think this was one the best songs released this year. There are some real cool orchestral motifs and interesting hooks in this. And weirdly melancholic.Swae Lee’s falsetto vocals on the pre-chorus always make me feel a little emotional whenever I hear them.

Massive Attack – Blue Lines

Alexander: When we first started Antony and Cleopatra, we bonded over our love of Soul To Soul, The KLF and Massive Attack.One of our early releases Sirens was very much inspired by this track.

Madonna – Justify My Love

AnitaPretty self-explanatory why this is the ultimate late night track. Justify My Love was also the inspiration for an early A&C track we eventually ditched after feeling it wasn’t right. Then our producer reworked it into an extended, weird techno banger which we now use to open our live shows with. So we owe everything to Madonna, really.