A7pha’s self-titled record is now available for Pre-order on anticon.com, and the first single from the album has been released.

A7pha is the collaboration of Anticon Records founder and former cLOUDDEAD member Doseone, along with esteemed underground rapper MestizoDoseone, the moniker of Adam Drucker, has collaborated with many people in his time, including SerengetiMike Patton and Jel. He has been performing for years, and has seen the alt-rap culture of America grow and evolve, while also being an intgral element of it.

A7pha‘s new single ‘No Brakes’ is executed with perfection by the two seasoned MC’s, and is something of a return to form particularly for Doseone. It’s a slow burner, and wholly mesmerising, utterly hypnotic. ‘No Brakes’ is today’s track of the day.

The duo have said that the self titled record is the culmination of years of radical thought, and lives lived on the knife’s edge.