Hills Hoist – What’s The Big Idea

Hills Hoist are a group of guys from Melbourne who seemingly take cues from the jangly pop of the 60’s and 70’s, and have been hard at work on the local scene as of late. Hills Hoist have just released the video for ‘What’s The Big Idea’ set to perfectly suited antique imagery. A strummed acoustic guitar is accompanied by a lightly effected electric guitar, and the combination builds such a solid foundation for the track. ‘What’s The Big Idea’ has an infectious melody, warm production, and smooth vocals. Its playful tone and uniquely Australian vocal inflection allows it to sway along gently, which brings to mind a lazy, dusty summer afternoon in the sun. The track is taken from their upcoming debut LP Hibernation, to be released next year.

Chelsea Bleach – Decent Connections

Chelsea Bleach have dropped their debut EP this past Friday. They’re a group who have been whispered about for a while now, and their energetic performances are frequently excellent. With the release of Decent Connections, they’re sure to reach a wider audience, and deservingly so. The EP sits somewhere between post punk and pop, straddling an odd, enthrallingly blurred line. The songs have huge boasts of technicality with harmonies, chord arrangements and tempo changes of all kinds flooding through the release. Though it is technically well structured, there is also a loose atmosphere to it – Decent Connections sits on the cusp of refined and entirely free. This delicate balance sounds fantastic, and is executed with flawless confidence by the members of the band. The honest, reflective and somewhat introspective, self-analytical lyrics are very human and relatable, and they’re one of the releases strongest suits. The EP is a solid first release, from a very promising group of young musicians.

Hugh Fuchsen – Rise and Shine

Rise And Shine, the recently released first album from local talent Hugh Fuchsen is an enjoyable, easy listening guitar based affair that really gets under your skin. Hugh has said of his music that he adds “classic rock tastes to a north side soup.” Being from country Victoria, his different approach to his music and to songwriting is rather clear – and allows him to uniquely stand out from the throng of local artists. His songs have a childlike wonderment to them, and simple song structures make them that much more enjoyable. Local referencing and stories of travel abroad populate the release, and the often cute, self aware song titles and lyrics lend to the whole light hearted atmosphere of Rise and Shine. We don’t love to do comparisons around here, but we reckon Hugh Fuchsen could be Australia’s answer to Mac Demarco, with his easy going mentality, and well-rounded guitar pop songwriting.