ALPHAMAMA has released the video for her new song ‘Stranger in Asia’ and it has us speechless. The song, which is the second single from her forthcoming EP Honey Fire, was written during her travels throughout Indonesia and is a nod to the lost divinity of women all around the world.

The artist admits that she ‘felt so connected to culture, people and the land. Yet while I was there I feared for my safety as a woman. With a high religious population, my bare skin felt like invitations to danger and I realised how far from our divine place in the cosmos we have fallen on Earth. For every woman to have to cover her body in order to feel safe or worthy of respect felt unnatural to me in that moment and against the natural laws of the universe.’

The video is really special and obviously influenced by South East Asian culture and fashion. Shot by Jack Hibbert and produced by QuinnZilla, the video is a stunning representation of the message of the song. This song is what we call a triple threat; beautiful song, vibrant music video and an important message.

Honey Fire is set for release in July 2017.