Allday has been making pretty big waves internationally with his combination of slow-burn lyricism and mellow approach to songwriting. We see this trend continue for the LA-based Australian rapper throughout his second LP Speeding.

Previously released singles ‘Raceway’, ‘Sides’ and ‘In Motion’ have already set up the easy-going backdrop of the LP, with this flow maintained throughout. His unmistakable Australian accent appears to waver in and out during the tracklist, reducing the harshness, but nevertheless, giving him a distinct timbre to reflect upon.

Allday also enlists a range of nostalgic hip-hop ingredients, namely during ’10 Drinks’, which ends with a phone recording of a conversation in a car which is played over an instrumental. This is a nice modern take on the classic 90s R’n’B spoken intro and contributes to more of a raw sound, which unfortunately isn’t further explored. Instead, his honest storytelling is sometimes overshadowed by the contemporary production. The collaborations are the strongest tracks on the record and give more of a melodic aspect to the rhythmically heavy songs.

All in all, Speeding is a solid album which represents Allday perfectly.

Allday is touring Australia in July. Tickets HERE.