Alanna Eileen’s new track is just as beautiful and spacious as the landscape it comes from. This newcomer has a magical, ethereal voice which is completed by her incredible songwriting and the lovely arrangements of her music. Her new song, ‘Knowledge’ recorded at The Sitting Room in Lyttelton, is deceivingly intricate for it’s sparse sound.

A beautiful example of darkly haunting folk music, ‘Knowledge’ is incredibly evocative. The layered Alpaccian inspired vocal lines seem to match perfectly the temperate landscape of her double island home. This sad love ballad is powerfully simple but with lyrics like “but you could be a part of me, a little too close for comfort” offer an air of hope. 

Our neighbour has always produced incredible musicians, and Alanna Eileen is just the most recent talent to reach our ears. With ‘Knowledge’ being her first song of the year and her two albums (criminally) flying under the radar it’s high time to support this incredible musician.