Melbourne duo Husky have recently released their highly anticipated third LP Punchbuzz, a sonically cathartic album that dropped on June 2nd via Liberation Music.

The album is a bit of a left turn from their previous work, as the band have opted to ditch their predominantly folk driven sound for a more nuanced, synthesiser-laden concoction, channelling a dreamlike indie rock spirit.

Punchbuzz is completely accurate in its title (even though it is a made up word), delivering a gut punching fuzzy goodness which, when listened to from start to finish takes you by the hand and whisks you away to somewhere far from our bleak world, a 40 minute escape fuelled by synths and hip-swayingly good rhythm.

The album kicks off with ‘Ghost’, a fuzzy intro with looping beats that immediately indicates this album is nothing like their previous work. The shifting melodies and soothing vocals of Husky Gawenda set the tone imminently as the track makes way for the punchy drums and harmoniously wavy vibes of ‘Shark Fin’.

The surreal musical voyage continues with title track ‘Punchbuzz’, one of the haziest tracks on the album that again heightens the hallucinatory and nocturnal ambience that Husky have honed in on with the record. The somewhat minimal style of ‘Late Night Store’ gives way for Gawanda’s vocals to shine through and highlights his ability to create mystical imagery through words, while tracks like ‘Cut The Air’ adopt a ghost-like mood with a repetitive acoustic guitar hook that falls more in line with the band’s folk roots.

While Punchbuzz takes the duo in a new and experimental direction, the album still lingers in folk-like melodies amplified by synth and brooding basslines, as with their track ‘Cracks In The Pavement’. It’s their final song on the record ‘Spaces Between Heartbeats’ that truly reiterates the different course the Melbourne locals have taken, an almost cinematically eerie track with a haunting and beautiful persona as love-sodden vocals and otherworldly waves of synth waft around you.

Gawanda himself has explained that he pens most of his work in the late hours of the night; “There’s something about the night time, something happens when the sun goes down. Reason and logic depart, magic and mystery arrive”.

The vocalist’s statement is exceptionally true to the resulting Punchbuzz, producing an experience akin to the feeling of limbo between being awake and asleep, a sense of abstract poetry that’s at times melancholy, but airy throughout.

Husky will be taking their mystical and soothing album across Australia, the UK and Europe in the coming months with their Punchbuzz Tour, which kicks off in Castlemaine on June 17.