Albrecht La’Brooy & Sleep D – From 50

Sleep D and Albrecht La’Brooy are two of the most important names in Australian electronic music. Both have made waves through their stripped back, delicate electronica with a tactile nature to it. Albrecht La’Brooy are one of the few acts on the scene who create all of their music in a live setting, which is enormously to their credit. ‘From 50’ is the first collaborative single between Sleep D and Albrecht La’Brooy, and it encapsulates both of their nuances and intricacies, finding a meeting point between their somewhat disparate styles. The bird chirps and other distant samples that float in and out throughout the length of the song are utterly gorgeous. The progressive layering of the number is never overbearing, giving ‘From 50’ a certain patience which its allows it to hold ones attention through what feels like something of a dance meditation. The first collaborative record between Sleep D and Albrecht La’Brooy will be available in May through Butter Sessions. 

Shady Nasty – S/T EP

Shady Nasty‘s debut EP is a dark, lo-fi, raw and emotive release from a very promising group of young musicians. Their influences are clearly spread across the map, with such a wide array of elements and ideas shining through over the five tracks that make up S/T. There are moments which verge on metal in ‘Top Level’ side by side with gorgeous balladry on ’90.‘ The Sydney based group have only been functioning for a short time, but this release is a testament to the musical bond they’ve formed. The production and instrumentation is constantly shifting gears, and each track is sustained by fresh ideas throughout. The vocal delivery is both arresting and alarming, with a very impassioned and emboldened tone, often shouted, sometimes sung, but always with a firm accent and clear personality. Shady Nasty prove that they cannot be categorised on this EP, while showing a clear knack for unique songwriting and arrangements.

Rebel Yell – High Authority

Australian record label RICE IS NICE are consistently proving themselves to be at the top of their game in terms of bringing new music to the table, with an ever increasing list of top tier releases under their belt. Their latest, this crooked, off-kilter and somewhat bizarre single from Brisbane’s Rebel Yell is no exception. The grainy, low resolution video for ‘High Authority’ suits the late 80’s, early 90’s dirty rave atmosphere championed by the song. There is something disorienting about ‘High Authority’ – but that disorientation sits firmly beside pure enjoyment. The acid synth stabs, driving bass drum, distant ambient vocals and crackling hi-hat all combine to craft a truly staggering listen. A very exciting, odd, enigmatic and engaging release. Please watch the video, which is a gorgeous cocktail of motorbikes, beaches, dams, forests and fashion.

Matt O’Donnell – Penitence

Matt O’Donnell is a singer-songwriter from Brisbane with a gorgeous voice, and a clear knack for storytelling. ‘Penitence’ is made up of an amalgamation of styles – there are elements of folk, soul and pop on display here, strung along by infectious vocal melodies and a driven by an acoustic guitar, rhodes and percussion. It is an easy tune to digest, which takes a few interesting twists turns as it progresses.

Big Bad Echo – Battered Fish

A slow, muddy, rough around the edges track led by a reverb drenched vocal. Big Bad Echo wouldn’t be out of place on a bill with The Birthday Party in the early 80’s post punk scene. ‘Battered Fish’ is simultaneously patient and hectic, dripping with noise yet marked by precision. The group describe their music as an “unforgiving brand of slightly psychedelic, sun-bleached post-punk.”  There is an element of aural density and a sense of determined immediacy to ‘Battered Fish’ which trudges along over a six minute run time, allowing for a satisfying climax following a lull. Huge, yet somewhat restrained, ‘Battered Fish’ carves out a space entirely of its own design.

Squidgenini – Alligator

This new single from Squidgenini is a slice of electro-pop unlike any other. There is a huge amount of subtlety packed in to the musical arrangements, with so many interesting sounds tucked into the mix. Lyrically the song is very relatable to women, or anyone for that matter, who have experienced the unwanted advances of others. The mantra of ‘leave me alone’ is repeated throughout the rap and vocal sections of the track, and the spoken word interlude summaries things perfectly – “dude, seriously, if I haven’t responded to all those times you’ve asked me to get a beer, I really don’t want to get a beer with you – please just, like, leave me the fuck alone.” The closing minute of the song repeats the final line in the form of a beautiful melody which you will find sticks in your head. While there is seemingly an element of humour to the production, the underlying message is clear and important. Squidgenini is one of the many women who are currently dominating the Australian music scene, and it’s about fucking time if you ask us.

Wet Lips – Here If You Need

Melbourne three-piece band Wet Lips have dropped the latest single from their upcoming self-titled debut album. The track, ‘Here If You Need’ is the third track from the record, which is set to be released on June 9 via Hysterical Records. The song is a punch anthem about the expectations of “being a woman” in society. The track tackles the “obligations you feel to be polite, respectful, small, restrained” and ‘Here If You Need’ is anything but – it’s an unhinged shout out against societal expectations with loud and grainy guitar riffs. Fast and unapologetic, ‘Here If You Need’ is an exciting taste of what’s yet to come from the Wet Lips camp.