A suite of new tunes from you this week, show many fantastic releases by local legends. 

Booshank – Grill

Paul Graham aka Booshank is a Melbourne producer who has been a contributor to many awesome local electronic labels such as Butter Sessions and Noise In My Head. This week he launches his new record label, Couch Acid Recordings‘Grill’ is amazing progressive house tune. The coolest thing about this track is the variety of retro technology sounds which he incorporates into the mix over a consistent beat. Intricate and layered while also keeping this track light with lots of high sounds that aren’t overpowered by the bass, this track is sure to impress.

Baro- Pretty

Melbourne’s poster body for laid-back alternative hip hop, Baro teases us with a track off his upcoming EP which leans towards a shoe gaze vibe which truly demonstrates Baro’s penchant for production. Baro’s unique brand of rapping and singing works wonderfully with the grunge-y guitars and vocal effects. At only 2:11, the melodic hooks sinks in quick and will leave you singing “and I think you’re too pretty for me” for long after the track finishes. And with a striking single image like this we predict great things ahead.

Sun Sap – Love Is Gone

Australia is truly embracing the full bodied sound that only a big band can provide. Listening to Sun Sap’s new offering ‘Love Is Gone’ there is no mystery as to why. This psychedelic garage rock tune pairs strong vocals with wall of sound orchestration which must be a real delight to see live. We are just loving the foley sounds which are incorporated into this track with each chorus being heralded by horns or a gun shot sound. The incredible rhythms are sure to get you up and moving, but don’t take our word for it, check it out on there upcoming national tour details here.

Wallace – Diaspora

If you have not heard of Wallace, you are seriously missing out. This neo-soul New Zealand born Sydney-sider has been quietly dropping incredible tracks since 2015 and has showcased at the last two BIGSOUNDs. ‘Diaspora’ shows she is just moving from strength to strength on this collaboration with producer Crooked Letter aka Jerry Agbinya. A melding of the diasporic experiences of Agbinya’s Nigerian parents with Nigerian funk samples and lyrics about Wallace’s Scottish father, this track is groovy as it is interesting.

Sketch Club – ‘Quiet’

‘Quiet’ is a single from Sketch Club‘s recently released and fantastically named EP, Primal Calls & Graceless Falls. With an effecting combination of spaciously layered dark pop and indie rock, ‘Quiet‘ will strike a cord with fans of Interpol or White Lies. The deep echo layered vocals in this song are especially cool, particularly paired with the stylish black and white music video. Check it out below, any addition of a disco ball is a hit in our books.

Tina Says – Sweat

Tina Says’ new track ‘Sweat’ is a veritable banger if we every saw one. This thumping house track walks the line between what can be sometimes questionable mainstream EDM, crunchy bass and a selection of polyrthymic samples and synthesiser shrills. ‘Sweat’ absolutely nails it. Tina Says has been playing shows around Australia like Hot Dub Wine Machine but has not released many original tunes, so this just seemed to drop out of nowhere. While we have some nice thoughts on ‘Sweat’ perhaps the below Soundcloud user sums up the awesome nature of this tune better than anyone – “the fuck am I listening to I think I love this.” Well said, sir. 

Leisure Suite – Don’t Wait

Leisure Suite are one of the pinnacle bands on the scene who excel at silky electronic beats and masterful vocal layering. ‘Don’t Wait’ especially showcases the depth of Bridgette Le’s voice. Leisure Suite are especially good at incorporating strong beats while also allowing a lot of space and lightness in their tracks. ‘Don’t Wait’ is a perfect extension from their impressive debut last year and leaves us eagerly awaiting their next move.

Super Cruel – November feat. Lisa Mitchell

The latest of Lisa Mitchell’s collaborations is this tune with up and coming electronic duo Super Cruel, one of the many awesome artists playing on the massive Splendour in The Grass lineup this year. Lisa Mitchell nails the youthful wistful nostalgia of ended relationships in lyrics which are matched to smooth electronic beats that mount to breakdowns. The song is beautifully matched to the music video which confuses reality, daydreams and memories in a painfully familiar fashion. Slick and evocative, the music video is well worth a watch.