A couple of weeks ago, we launched a campaign by Melbourne musician and member of Pretty City, Mr. Johnny Rock. That campaign was called #lovesongsforequality, and its goal was to combat the negativity and hate which seems to be dominating social media during the same sex marriage debate, and replace is with love songs and good vibes.

Two weeks later, the campaign has seen dozens of musicians around the country show their support for marriage equality by sharing a little love, with some big name local talents getting involved.

If you want to feel warm and fuzzy, all while cracking a smile, check out some of the gorgeous, cheeky, and creative odes to love crafted by the Australian music community for #lovesongsforequality.

Although The Good China have parted ways as a band, that didn’t stop members James and Mietta from getting together to produce this clever video.

This one is just downright fantastic; good use of a green screen is one of the highest forms of art. This video features Emily Jarret of Gogo Sapien and Anna Linehop of La Bastard and Moody Beaches tackling this Dirty Dancing classic.

Paul Ryan, who performs in JP Klipspringer‘s live band, brings it home with this gorgeous rendition of ‘Love Is In The Air’ 

This one comes from Melbourne folkster And There Is Wardell, performing ‘Grow Old With You’ from The Wedding Singer.

This stunning cover comes from Clint Wilson and Jess McMahon, performing a Sheryl Crow classic.  

Tom Dockray threw his hat in the ring, taking a stab at the Savage Garden number ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ 

Mel Calia did a lovely rendition of ‘Love Rears Its Ugly Head’ by Living Colour.

And of course, there is the man who started it all, Johnny Rock AKA Johnny-Luis Moretti. While he was having a chat with Kate Kingsmill on RRR, Johnny spoke about the cause, why he’s decided to pursue this campaign, and what his goals are. The whole chat is defiantly worth a listen, but if you want to skip to the song, Johnny plays ‘Real Love’ by The Beatles at 4:10. And as the cherry on top, Johnny Rock took on this bowie classic ‘As The World Falls Down’ from the film Labyrinth.