Melbourne folk rockers Run Rabbit Run have just released their highly anticipated debut EP, Bloodline. The EP sees the band divert from their previous course somewhat, adopting a more diverse, and heavier sound. To celebrate the release of the EP, Run Rabbit Run gave us a track by track breakdown of the EP, offering us a little bit of background on each of the five featured tracks.

Into The Woods 

Casey: I wrote this song back when City & Colour was a very prominent influence on my song writing. Like a lot of my songs, this one’s about being an introverted person trying to step outside my comfort zone and losing a bit of myself in the process. Despite it being the same title, I wrote it years before that Disney musical with James Corden and Meryl Streep came out, although weirdly it’s kind of thematically similar… *thinking emoji*


Michael: ‘Sticks’ was written after waking from a dream I had. It’s about a claymation family of rabbits living in an Eden-esque garden under a hill, surrounded by a community of other claymation woodland creatures. The story goes that whilst the rabbit family are living this perfect storybook life, the older brother is curious to explore the outside world, and wants his little brother to travel with him. Little bro is torn between leaving his happy life and losing his brother. Eventually he decides to stay and watches as his brother heads out across the river, wondering if his choice to stay was the right one.

Old Soul

Casey: Old Soul was an absolutely HUGE task to complete before we went in to record. When I first decided to arrange string and horn quartets for the track, I never anticipated the amount stress and anxiety I’d feel whilst trying to pen down the beautiful sounds I could hear in my head. The song ended up being by far the biggest piece of work we’ve ever completed, and probably ever will. There are a tonne of instruments and vocal layers in the track, washing over each other to create this deep river of sound.

I wrote Old Soul about death, religion and my own struggles as an introvert. It’s about immersing oneself in the river in the hopes of finding comfort and solace, realising that the comfort everyone else finds there doesn’t alleviate your fears, nor stop the flow of the river towards the waterfall.

We Don’t Know

Michael: The first day in the studio we tracked ‘We Don’t Know’ with very little success. We couldn’t get the drums to sound right; the tempo was wrong, even the bass tone was off. It was really a massive buzz-kill on our first day. We ended up not touching the song again out of frustration, until the last day in studio where we re-tracked everything from scratch. The result was endlessly better than before, and we ended up releasing it as our first single back in February.


Casey: I wrote ‘Lights’ at a time when I was struggling with relationships, particularly with a clashing of religious beliefs. It seemed like there was too great a divide at the time to ever bridge the gap and that things were never really going to work. The song itself wasn’t entirely written about my relationship struggles, kind of just inspired by them. There are a few lines about my family in there, and a verse about what was then my fairly recent decision to be vegetarian. Mostly it’s about my thoughts on God.

Recording this track was really cool. We had tracked all the written parts but it still lacked guts for whatever reason. We ended up experimenting with a few layers of pretty gnarly guitar, which you can hear swirling around in the background throughout the song.