GT & Wildfire – Little Dance (Sunshine Remix)

‘Little Dance’, the stellar single from GT & Wildfire is the kind of song that you can listen to on repeat without getting bored. Perhaps this is what makes it so ideal to remix – the circular vocal melody can be used in a variety of contexts, and the groove is rather versatile. Enter this surprise remix EP on Be Rich Records, which features reworks of ‘Little Dance’ from SunshineMark Maxwell and Right-O. The stand out is Sunshine‘s take on the track, which is a deep jungle house romp, simply begging to be danced to at 4am. The vocal over the consistent groove is ethereal in a sense, calming, cooling and otherworldly. There is a stark beauty to the mix, but this is accompanied by a sheer danceability which is unavoidable, in the best possible way. The climax that this track climbs to is sure to leave you wanting more.

Gabriel LCR – Let It Ring ft. Saul Maiava

Gabriel LCR is a producer from Melbourne , and a part of the Stranger Suite collective, who has just released his terrific, boom-bap influenced EP Walking Home‘Let It Ring’ is the first single he released from this EP, and it serves as a stylistic indication of where this young artist is headed. He embraces elements of traditional hip hop, trip-hop, soul, funk and free jazz throughout. The combination of the horns, organ and bass as ‘Let It Ring’ concludes is so beautiful, and Gabriel LCR clearly has an excellent grasp on musical form. The rap verses work remarkably well, and lyrics about Brunswick house parties ring true – the delivery avoids the pitfalls of harsh accents that many Australian rappers fall victim to. This track, and the rest of Gabriel LCR‘s EP have an international appeal, and we can’t wait to see where this young producer goes next.

APEman – Noble Savage

APEman‘s ‘Noble Savage’ is utterly fucking hectic. The noisy beat and lo-fi production techniques give this track so much character and a truly unique tone. Would you call it punk rap? There is no obvious groove, which makes the song so attention grabbing, causing the listener to stand at attention – there is a Death Grips style intensity on display here which is just so engaging. It all happens in the space of 2 minutes, and damn, it’s a wild ride. The lyrics deal with the complexity of identity that comes with a mixed cultural background, and the manic confusion offered by the track is perhaps a reflection of these themes.

Jessikah – Winter Winds

This song from North Queensland native Jessikah is a gorgeous, introspective slice of folk-pop. Her ethereal voice and expert harmonies are tear-jerkingly beautiful, with a clear emotive passion shining through in her delivery. The simple production allows her performance to shine, and the no-frills approach gives the song room to breathe, which is much to its benefit. This young performer certainly has a bright future in her midst.

Fan Girl – Talk

The all out energy of ‘Talk’ is utterly infectious. Fan Girl create a raucous atmosphere within the track, contrasted with a superb melodic structure and a catchy chorus. The ‘la la la’ gang vocals and sparse claps are tasteful additions, and the video featuring a less than enthusiastic crowd observing the very enthusiastic band is enjoyably comical. The band has the perfect balance of intensity and accessibility – party rock, in every sense of the phrase. ‘Talk’ is out now on Caroline Australia. 

Ali The Great – Foreign Objects

Ali The Great (formerly Ali the Son of Abdul) hails from Queensland, and is one of the most outstanding upcoming rappers on the Australian scene. His flows possess a raw aggression – his manipulation of syllables and diverse rhythmic delivery separates him from the pack. There is a certain lyrical complexity to his rhymes. ‘Foreign Objects’ is the kind of track you could listen to 10 times, and still hear something new each time.

BANFF – Act of Misacting

‘Act of Misacting’ is a soothing song, which would best be enjoyed while laying in a hammock on a sunny day. It is a patient and natural, the production giving it a distinct nuance and character. The fuzziness to the vocals offers an airy detachment which plays so well with the general ambience of the number. In BANFF’s own words, Act of Misacting is an evolution of an old guitar lick that sat in another demo, but eventually found its way into this new song.” A gorgeous and reflective number from a very talented musician. BANFF is currently touring with I Know Leopard, get you tickets here.