Strap yourself in because House Hounds are about to transport you back in time with their debut EP Saturate. We at Speaker TV love a sweet nostalgia trip so we’re super excited to premiere the feel-good EP.

Doused in 90s alt-rock influence and set alight with fuzzy guitars and vintage synth, the Brisbane three-piece band deliver a unique collection of tracks on Saturate.

Written and recorded over a course of 6 months (minus opening track ‘Bird’), Saturate is a labour-of-love that brings a modern take to vintage style alt-rock with dreamy undertones.

The band explain that “the EP was named Saturate as an adjective to describe the overall sound” of the five-track release and fittingly so; the individual tracks come together to create a wistful but punchy atmosphere that pulls you in ‘till the end.

Saturate drops on June 23rd via The A&R Department and can be streamed below.