Desert Sonnes – Through Your Eyes

The launch of ‘Through Your Eyes’ is the first taste of new music and a new sound from WA rockers Desert Sonnes. Having gained a wave of supporters after the release of their debut EP last year, the band has been carving out a new sound full of enhanced dynamics, soaring harmonies and chunky riffs. ‘Through Your Eyes’ exudes punchy drums and electrifying guitar riffs with the occasional slow burn moment. Obvious influences stem from Jimi Hendrix and 60’s/70’s blues rock, with a tinge of soul, to more modern acts like John Mayer. Desert Sonnes have already made quite a name for themselves as one of the most exciting and energetic emerging bands in Australian music, and with their developed sound, are one to look out for.

The Creases – Is It Love

It’s definitely safe to say that the forthcoming LP from The Creases, Tremlow, is one of the most anticipated albums of the year, which, in turn makes them one of the hottest bands in Australia right now. ‘Is It Love’ is yet another taste off their upcoming album and it boasts a big, sunny Primal Scream vibe that was present in previous singles. The percussive bass-line rests subtly beneath the surface of big horns and thick layers of arpeggiated synths, with seamless vocals that carry the tune to its end. With a song like this, it’s hard not to imagine The Creases soaring into the spotlight in the very near future.

Deafcult – Summertime

Brisbane shoegaze band Deafcult have shared another tune full of stormy distortion and soothing vocals with the leading single off their album Auras. ‘Summertime’ is one of the more upbeat songs off the record, with its steady rhythms and layered guitar work wrapped in pop sensibilities. The song itself tells of the clash of ideals amongst intergenerational encounters, whilst exploring the dichotomy of love and hate through the mind of a catastrophic thinker. Deafcult’s sound is a magical hybrid of various artists, which sits somewhere between that of their influences, – The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai and Slowdive. This energetic band have a lot to offer the Australian music scene with their post-punk dreamscapes, and are definitely a band to get around.

Smoke Rings – Go To Hell

The jangling sonic goodness that is Smoke Rings comes at you via these unfairly talented humans: Shane O’Keeffe, Lauren Heron, Jon Wright, Liam Gough and Elliott Weston. ‘Go To Hell’ is a unique salute to the heyday of Brit-pop bands of the late 90’s and early 2000’s with its edgy vocals and dynamic blend of percussion and guitar. Do not be dissuaded by the harshness of the title, for the song eases the at times, inhospitable nature of human emotions, and is a nice little indicator of the funky tunes to come from the Melbourne-based band. The song will leave you wanting more, and more should be just around the corner.

Messy Mammals – Where?

Messy Mammals are a duo who create music that is a unique blend of trip hop, nu jazz and alternative pop, and their latest song ‘Where?’ is nothing short of that. ‘Where?’ displays dreamy vocals over a harp-like backdrop and gentle guitar plucking, with a steady synth beat keeping everything at bay. The wonderfully warped sound and surreal soundscape is transferred to the accompanying music video, which features the duo barefoot on Wiradjuri country land. The simple but beautiful choreography allows the rawness of the song to really take the lead. Messy Mammals are are name you want to familiarise yourself with as they are no doubt headed for a wave of success.

Hello Satellites – Blindness

It’s been seven years since Melbourne subtle pop act Hello Satellites released their debut album Two Bright Lakes, and the wait has definitely been worth it. ‘Blindness’ is the first single off their third studio album Bright Face and is a song that achieves a lot in the space of two minutes and nine seconds. It is super charming and slightly melancholy, and totally devotes itself to following an artistic approach. The group’s strong vocal range is at the forefront of the song, while the acoustics work to construct an atmospheric underlay that drifts in and out of sync with the vocals. Hello Satellites collaborated with animator and artist Ning Xue on the visual production of the music video. It was a match made in heaven, with the clip flawlessly capturing the visual essence of the song. ‘Blindness’ is a song that is driven to perfection in every aspect, a reflection of the talent that is Hello Satellites.

The Winter Gypsy – Bojke

With the perfect follow up to the band’s debut EP Page I, The Winter Gypsy is back sharing another sweet indie-folk dream tune, ‘Bojke’ (pronounced “boy-ke”). With songs like ‘Bojke’, the band draws comparisons to the likes of The Paper Kites and Fleet Foxes. The wistful and perceptive ode to a beloved family dog is a thoughtful and intricately crafted tune that wields the combination of guitar strums, soft drums and an echoey vocal to perfection. Humble harmonies surround the lead vocal as it soars and floats assuredly above all the instrumentation. Unassumingly memorable, ‘Bojke’ sweeps broadly, swells and then disappears into the ether before gently lulling its listener back down to earth.

Kate Martin – Autumn Leaves

Coined as a talent since she first entered the music scene, Melbourne singer and guitarist Kate Martin makes music of the contemporary indie-pop kind. Inspired by frequent and spontaneous trips overseas, ‘Autumn Leaves’ is a reflection of the beauty that can be found through living a nomadic lifestyle. The song features drifting vocals that rest on a soft synth beat, building to an orchestral high in the chorus. The launch of her latest single ‘Autumn Leaves’, demonstrates the ridiculous talent that Kate Martin holds, a friendly reminder that the best is yet to come.

Slowcoaching – Pillars of Salt

Slowcoaching is the indie-pop solo project of Melbourne-based artist Dean Valentino, and ‘Pillars of Salt’ is the first track to be lifted from his upcoming debut LP set to be released later this year. ‘Pillars of Salt’ tackles euphoria head on, constructing an aura of hazy nostalgia through its musical stylings and gives us a dose of dreaminess in the process. The song is reminiscent of cult bands such as The Wake and Wild Swans, and reneges a feeling of escapism and dream-pop serenity. As we speak, Slowcoaching is working harder than ever to bring new music to our plates and are an artist you need to keep your eyes peeled out for.

Dan Vogl – If I Die

Singer-songwriter Dan Vogl is no newcomer to the music scene, having worked under various musical endeavours since 2010, but his latest release ‘If I Die’ is the first to be birthed under his own moniker. ‘If I Die’ features soft folk melodies and soaring string crescendos that pave the way for a midway tempo shift of driving drum beats and a sing-along chorus. The song is an embodiment of the abundance of Vogl’s musical influences, which range from Bob Dylan to Hunters and Collectors and Mumford and Sons. The bold, soulful lyrics lure you in and hold you there, with a unique vocal delivery and catchy chord progressions that ring on after the final strum. While Vogl has just released a small body of work from his new project, we can only sit tight and wait it out for more material, but from what we’ve heard with ‘If I Die’, it will surely be worth the wait.