Major Leagues – Good Love

Although Major Leagues ‘s first track was released in 2012 the Brisbane indie rockers are finally releasing their debut album Good Love on June 16 and the title track from this album is a melancholic pop beauty. ‘Good Love’ shows a move into a smoother dream pop sound which abandons the rockier aspects of their earlier tracks. The sentimental nature of the lyrics is endearing and sweet, especially when combined with the soft vocal harmony layering. They have matched it with a very cute music video too, check it out below.

Touch Sensitive – Lay Down

Touch Sensitive has been playing around Australia since the instrumental 2013 hit ‘Pizza Guy’, but ‘Lay Down’ is the first release by this Future Classic signed producer in four years. This track shows a more upbeat and vocal laden approach with a potentially radio friendly appeal. The falsetto vocals open an almost campy 1980s inspired track could be easily mistaken for a frothy pop house track but there’s no denying the catchy earworm of a chorus.

Miss Eileen and King Lear- Held By The Air

One for alt-country fans, Miss Eileen and King Lear’s new track is a subtle tune which relies on the interplay of their sweet harmonies. Accompanied by a mandolin and sparse acoustic guitar, ‘Held By The Air‘ draws on Americana folk traditions with an affecting duet. The bridge is a particular highlight of the track as their high voices join together to a sweet conclusion. Check out the video below of a live performance at Coburg Velodrome, which proves that you just because you play alt-country doesn’t mean you can’t wear a snapback.

GL – Destiny

Melbourne duo GL are the latest proof that disco is not dead. Their new track ‘Destiny’ mixes elements of original disco as well as being reminiscent tracks from the late 90s revival in the disco sound.  This groovy track features an incredible funk bass line and fun synth sounds perfectly complementing Ella Thompson’s vocals. A bonus feature of this track are the smooth vocals of Graeme Pogson, who is not featured in as much of GL‘s other material. Listen to this track and try not to have a little boogie, we dare you.

Aurelia – Are We Losing

Aurelia‘s first release is an impressive debut which draws an easy comparison to Ngaiire or even the vocals of Solange. This is a richly crafted track. The echoey vocals are complimented by the sustained electric organs building to a beautifully textured arrangement. If this is the level of quality we can see from a demo by this new artist then Aurelia is certainly one to watch.

Wet Lips – See You Later

This grungy punk tune begins with a Jaws like guitar chord, and what follows is a powerhouse two minutes of relentless guitar noise with surprisingly sedated vocals. This tracks lacks the hard fast energy and politics prevalent in much of Wet Lips other material, and has more of a post-punk vibe. ‘See You Later‘ is the off the self-titled EP, due out on the new label Hysterical Records on June 30.

ColDrip – Nocturnal2

As well as having a great name and an incredible album cover, Melbourne beatmaker ColDrip has released a tidy EP filled with short but compelling tracks. The opener ‘Not Having Fun’ is an awesome example of his brand of laid back hip hop which incorporates beats and irreverent samples. This EP has the sense of taking fun seriously with samples which seem meaningless and humorous but appear to make a statement by the way they interact. What the message is precisely is up to interpretation, try to work it out below.

Ezekiel Ox – In The End

For any person who is disillusioned with current political policy, Ezekiel Ox’s genre-bending track,’In The End’ is a wholly satisfying listen. Rapping about institutional discrimination of kinds descends into hardcore guitar sections that really pack a punch. Best described as hip-hop punk, the raw anger of this track brilliantly reflects Ezekiel Ox’s malcontent as he spits the lyrics to the dash cam to the vide below.