‘Beasts’ opens with an ambient wash of synthesisers which gradually morph into a slightly skewed progression of big, 80’s style chords. There is a modern twist on old tropes evident here; while this track wouldn’t sound out of place in decades passed, elements of the production allow it to flourish in today’s context. KAYO, who call Perth home, is the collaboration of producer Ludodowwn and vocalist Jerico Wallace. Wallace has a powerful voice without being overbearing – her vocal sits delicately with the track, commanding attention while not diverting it from the song as a whole. Ludodowwn‘s production is intricate and detailed, while being worlds away from that of his solo material.

There is a dark undercurrent which runs through ‘Beasts’ – though this does not define it. There is pure joy to be found in the melodic interplay, and the musical arrangements. ‘Beasts’ sits somewhere between exuberant and melancholic, between fun and utterly serious – this stylistic balance is reflected perfectly in the nature of the production which fluctuates between joyous 80’s synthesisers and darker, rumbling bass saw synths. KAYO refer to their music as “dark wave pop”  –  which serves as a fairly apt description.

Check out the incredible and triumphant track below.