Singh & Blanes – I Choose You

The Bombay Royale frontwoman Parvyn Singh and singer-songwriter Hue Blanes have united their contrasting musical and cultural lineages to produce a dazzling duet of love, lust and romance. ‘I Choose You’ oscillates between the dreamy vocals of Singh and Blanes, which are cradled by traditional Indian classical sounds of the harmonium and sitar. It is clear their inspiration is drawn from the Golden Age of jazz duets, as the song merges classic jazz melodies with Eastern and Western instrumentation. The slow-burning and heartfelt tune also intertwines Punjabi lyrics with English lyrics, a perfect reflection of the diversity and timelessness of the ballad. Singh & Blanes demonstrate how music transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, joining forces to create a powerful and captivating new project to look out for.

Kllo – Predicament

Melbourne duo Chloe Kaul (vocals, keyboard) and Simon Lam (production) serve an exquisite plate of sweet melodies and siren-sighing over skippy rhythms with their new song ‘Predicament’, released on Adult Swim’s latest compilation album LUXE. The pair revive UK garage sounds circa 1999-2000 with their experimental and retro garage style with a splash of soul thanks to the airy and smokey vocals of Kaul. ‘Predicament’ moulds together tidy fusions of bass and R&B along with the rippling syncopations of deep blue keys. The song encapsulates a moodily lit, immaculately spaced and ethereal atmosphere with the muted drum beats and limpid piano anchoring the song at bay. Stream Predicament along with the rest of LUXE here.

Other Places – While Drifting

Emerging electronic artist Mat Watson drops the first single off his third album Lost In The Sea Of Paradise as Other Places. ‘While Drifting’ delves into early 60’s electronic synth pop with its exotic instrumentation, motorik rhythms, cosmic techno and synth-heavy science fiction atmosphere. It is a tune that is sure to propel you through the cosmic worlds of abstract analogue composition, melancholic synthesiser heaven and vintage electronic flickering. Watson has constructed a unique world of electricity and whacky sounds galore, a synth-pop utopia, that will have you never wanting to depart.

RAT!Hammock – Mary The Chair

The band of four are still in their early days, but with dreamy indie tunes like their latest single ‘Mary The Chair’, RAT!Hammock are quickly making a name for themselves. If you’re familiar with RAT!Hammock, you’d know this tune is slightly more pop than previous releases, but it doesn’t stray from their honest and raw lyricism, a reminder that sonic storytelling is still well and truly alive. It oozes poetic lyricism and catchy hooks with a tinge of a country influence. ‘Mary The Chair’ tells of relatable romance, recalling hazy mornings and young love, taking angst and yearning beyond the predictable and into something pretty dreamy. The song is a perfect entry into the emerging sound of RAT!Hammock, and one that will give you all of the nostalgic feels.

Messy Mammals – Wish I’d Said

Known for their controlled chaos, London-formed, Melbourne based duo Asha Tripps (bass and vocals) and Fionn Brewer (production and guitar) are Messy Mammals. With ‘Wish I’d Said’, the pair deliver a swirling and transformative number that is a perfect negotiation between alternative rock and electronica. The song embodies a glitchy soul sound, featuring quirky harmonies, with lingering and overlapping beats. The abstract and fragmented nature of the tune challenges boundaries between melodic spoken word and traditional dream pop, commanding attention to its unique qualities.

Golden Vessel – Tell The Girl

Brisbane-based producer Max Byrne is at the heart of the Golden Vessel project and returns with a glorious new track ‘Tell The Girl’. The tune floats on layered percussion, as fellow Brisbane vocalist Emerson Leif takes to the vocals, adding his deep, silky, hazy tenor sound. Golden Vessel has a real knack for constructing these super lush, electronic landscapes that leave you wanting more. The tune is accompanied by a super awesome music video that grasps the concept of unconditional love by the scruff of the neck and compresses it into something somewhat bearable. The talented young artist has already gained quite a lot of traction having toured nationally and secured the support of Triple J – Golden Vessel is sure to be a household name soon.