What The F*ck Was I Thinking is the dreamy debut EP from Jade Imagine, and its out today via Milk! Records. Hailing from Melbourne, the quartet have been crafting their own special niche of lo fi, psychedelic pop. The EP has cemented the groups’ signature sound of a lo-fi yet personal production aesthetic, with hues of retro vocal stylings as well as hints of pop and garage undertones.

Jade McInally, lead singer and songwriter, is the chief member of the band and wrote most of the songs on the EP before the other members joined the group. The EP was recorded over a six month period at Dave Mudie’s (drummer with Courtney Barnett) house, and in McInally’s bedroom which involved a very DIY recording setup consisting of blankets and a hallway control room.

Jade Imagine have already gained some noteworthy additions to their resumé. Not only have they released some killer music videos for their singles ‘Walkin’ Around’ and ‘Stay Awake’, but they have even received praise from Rolling Stone, who described ‘Stay Awake’ as being a “shimmering summer-invite”. This description happens to be a pretty accurate summary of  McInally’s intention behind the record. The EP oozes with feelings of road trips, coastal adventures and surf vibes. Jade Imagine’s pop stylings are incredibly strong on the final song, Tell Her She’s Dreamin’ – a highlight track which lends itself to a pop and psychedelic mix, as well as having a nostalgic atmosphere created by lo-fi synthesisers and retro vocals.

Jade Imagine are a rather exciting addition to an Australian music scene already brimming with talent, and we can’t wait to hear more from them in the future.

You can download the EP on MP3 and Vinyl here You can also catch Jade Imagine performing on the following dates:

28 April Polyester Records, Fitzroy VIC (free show)

6 May Corner Hotel, Richmond VIC (supporting Cash Savage and the Last Drinks)

12 May The Tote, Collingwood VIC (supporting Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever)

19 May The Gaso, Collingwood VIC (Official EP Launch)

25 May The End, Brisbane QLD (Official EP Launch)

27 May Golden Age Cinema, Sydney NSW (Offical EP Launch)