As the long weekend winds down, we’ve got a great selection of locally sourced music to help you make that transition from holiday mode to work mode.

ZVNE – Stay Quiet (Prod. Baz)

ZVNE is the newest addition to that amazing international hip hop sound which is taking over the Australian scene. With a banging bass line, delicate synths and an emotive rapping style, it doesn’t take long for ‘Stay Quiet’ to get under your skin. As if this track wasn’t enough, it has an accompanying music video which explores uncanny occurrences in what should be a familiar urban setting.

Segers – The Wandering

The West Coast continues to deliver this month, with a beautifully smooth track by Stacey-Ann Pietersen, who performs as Segers. ‘The Wandering’ is a swelling track where Pietersen’s delivery is perfectly complemented by tinkling keys and synth undertones. Two years after the Little Lines EP in 2015, this track is an incredible reintroduction into the scene which takes the sweet melodies and strings from her debut and turns up the volume. Watch this space, because Segers is sure to deliver some excellent work in the future.

San Mei – Until You Feel Good

Not much gets the heart racing like a richly arranged pop song. With that in mind, we give you the new song by Gold Coast’s own San Mei.Until You Feel Good” combines San Mei’s sweet vocals with guitar fuzz and driving drums. This track sounds like if Lana Del Ray dropped the persona and decided to join a rock band. Cheers for asking San Mei, after hearing this track we definitely are feeling good.

Ghosting – One Summer (Spirited Away)

Ghosting aka producer and engineer extradonaire Andrei Eremin is blowing up Melbourne music social media with his announcement of a solo mixtape release in the works with Wondercore Island. The mixtape will feature sampled music of films by the Anime messiah of the western world, Hayao Miyazaki and his film studio house Studio Ghibli. ‘One Summer’ is the first release, featuring intricate melodies from Spirited Away. This is an incredible teaser which showcases Eremin’s delicate treatment, while adding a varying bass line which builds to the end leaving you eager for more.


Gypsy’ is the impressive debut of a collaboration of the sweet vocals of WWNTR and the downtempo production of PANCHi. This spacious track is beautifully mixed with the vocals, stripped back guitars and elaborate percussion interweaving and shifting in prominence. Often folk elements with electronic sounds and beats can be a bit jarring but this combination is masterfully managed in ‘Gypsy’. Watch out for further releases from this match made in heaven.