Last year’s Movements 10 album marked the 10-year anniversary of Booka Shade’s milestone record that propelled them into stardom as one of the decade’s most successful dance music duos. Now Arno Kammermeier and Walter Merziger are back to start a fresh chapter of their Booka Shade project, with new album Galvany Street.

Galvany Street, made in collaboration with former The Archive front-man Craig Walker marks a shift to a pop tone, and features additional guests such as Urdur (GusGus), Yates and Daniel Spencer. With the release of this album, Booka Shade have taken their all too familiar trademark sound that we’ve grown to love and readapted it to a modern context.

Booka Shade’s move away from a purely instrumental sound is evident within the first few moments of the opening track ‘Digging A Hole’, with Walker’s electronic-like vocals echoing in and out over an 80’s style synth beat. This 80’s influenced synth-pop beat underpins pretty much every song on the album, but remains particularly prominent in ‘Numb The Pain’‘Babylon’ and ‘Loneliest Boy’, songs that feel as though they’ve been touched by Talking Heads. Other clear influences and comparisons to be made span from 90’s Manchester up to The Weeknd.

The album then shows off a different aspect of its sound while still remaining true to its style with ‘Eyes Open’. The song celebrates its off beats and crescendos to become more of an anthemic tune. Songs like ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Broken Skin’ carry a dark and mysterious undertone, creating an intriguing spatial soundscape.

‘All Of This And Nothing’ is arguably the most instrumental of all the songs, a perfect way to round out the album and create a sense of familiarity for long time fans. It’s the perfect end to the first of hopefully many chapters in Booka Shade’s new artistic direction.

Galvany Street is the album we wanted to write for a long time. The collaboration with Craig Walker brings in the perfect kind of vocals to complete the music.” – Arno Kammermeier


Digging A Hole (with Craig Walker)

Numb The Pain (with Craig Walker)


Broken Skin (with Daniel Spencer)

Peak (with Yates)

Babylon (with Craig Walker and Urdur)

Eyes Open (with Craig Walker)

Loneliest Boy (with Craig Walker)

All Falls Down (with Craig Walker)