Here’s 8 handpicked, home grown, Australian tracks to help bring in the weekend. We have everything from punk to shoe gaze, electronica to afro beat and everything in between.

The Seven Ups – Drinking Water

This Afro-Beat banger is fresh off the Seven Ups new album Drinking Water. This is the second record released by the Melbourne band, and it shows off everything that the Seven Ups are great at: melodic horn lines, syncopated percussion, and all round grooving rhythms.

Angie – This House

Singer-songwriter Angie has just released her third solo record Shyness. ‘This House’ is the second single from the record, and is the solemn and spacious conclusion of it. Shyness has just dropped today via Rice Is Nice, and you can check out ‘This House’ right now.

Maureen – Good Friend (Live)

Maureen are a lo-fi pop punk quartet hailing from Melbourne. They released their first single ‘Like You’ almost a year ago, but they’ve just dropped a live recording of ‘Good Friend’, taken from their gig at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar a couple of months ago.

Luke Seymoup – Doing Dishes

Luke Seymoup brings back his uniquely loose, punk and fun loving qualities on ‘Doing Dishes’. It’s an anthem about a topic that we all have an inevitable connection with, whether we like it or not: Dishes. The ‘Godfather of Punk’n’B’ dropped his single ‘Doing Dishes’ only a couple of weeks ago, check it out below.

Messy Mammals – Zodiac

‘Zodiac’ is the first track from Messy Mammals most recent record Rewind Zodiac. Its filled with pulsating, synth drenched, psychedelic pop hooks, which is what this duo are known for, and excel at.

VHS Dream – So High

VHS Dream have crafted a signature sound which is defined by their dreamy, retro, shoegaze soundscapes. Blending 1970’s synths with 1980’s pop music and a reverb soaked production, ‘So High’ is perfect for those of you who love groups like Beach House or M83.

The Burning Roaches – Jeff

The Burning Roaches are a noisy garage band that are reminiscent of the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal. The alt-rock trio’s latest single ‘Jeff’ brings to mind a setting that’s perfectly suited to their sound: sweaty, fun, raucous and having a jovial time.

Davidson Brothers – Take A Little Drive

A perfect soundtrack to the road-trippers heading out bush. The Davidson Brothers bring the quintessential elements of Nashville country music and folk instrumentation to sing about what we all think on a road-trip: “getting outta town always feels so good”.