Quirky songstress Amy Shark has been teasing fans about the prospects of new music for some time now. The news is now out-  ‘Weekends’ is the name of Shark‘s new single and which will feature on her new EP Night Thinker, due out April 21.

‘Weekends’ is an uplifting pop track, which shrouds the darker lyrical themes of the song. Speaking about the songs’ origins, Shark mentions:

I actually wrote the lead riff about five or six years ago and I just could never work out, or probably wasn’t good enough actually, to sing along with it because I couldn’t play [it] and sing at the same time. Then put it to bed for a bit and wrote so many other songs over the years. Then just about three weeks before I went in to start recording the EP, I just started playing that riff and just came out with these verses and I was really, really happy with it.

‘Weekends’ was produced by Dana Hume (Matt CorbyDaniel JohnsCourtney Barnett). It’s the start of what is set to be a busy year for Shark, who has also announced her new venture with RCA Records in the US along with a number of high-profile booking agencies that will see the Gold Coast local take her tunes around the world. Check it out below!

You can pre-order the Night Thinker EP HERE :