Those of you who have been listening to Ali Barter‘s yell-along Hottest 100 hit ‘Girlie Bits’ on repeat since its release in December will be extremely pleased to know that the Melbourne talent is about to take on 2017 in fine fashion. Not only is Barter back with the awesome new track ‘Cigarette’, she also bears news of her debut album, titled A Suitable Girl, due in March.

Debuting ‘Cigarette’ on triple j, Barter went on the speak to Veronica & Lewis of the metaphorical nature of her past EP’s, wanting to be “really natural and authentic” with her debut LP. Considering the raw honesty and energy of her first two singles, it’s no doubt that Barter will succeed in this venture.

‘Cigarette’ touches on the same themes featured in ‘Girlie Bits’ by slapping another big question mark on the validity of societies often skewed views and expectations of a woman. Barter sings of someone loving her “big brown eyes” and “long hair,” viewing her as a prize, before going on to question the longevity of that affection if she were to do something super un-girly (how uncouth!) like shave her head or change her style. Barter delivers this message perfectly, with the scuzzy chorus exploding delightfully off the slower-tempo verses. Barter‘s vocals, as always, mix incredibly with her catchy guitar riffs, and much like ‘Girlie Bits, the song just begs to be sung along to.

Luckily the new track comes with this simple yet stylish lyric video.

Speaking of the upcoming record, Barter has said that the title takes its name from the novel A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. The novel follows a mothers search for a “suitable boy” for her young daughter to wed. The themes of the novel will no doubt tie in perfectly with the record if the reoccurring themes of how women are expected to present themselves are apparent on the rest of A Suitable Girl. Barter wants listeners to know that it’s ok to defy these expectations, encouraging us to own “the thoughts that go through your head.

With the energetic frustration of Girlie Bits’ and the graceful, yet powerful, ‘Cigarette’, Ali Barter‘s A Suitable Girl is sure to take us on an incredible ride – and we’ll be singing along the whole time.

A Suitable Girl is out on March 24 on Ronnie Records via Inertia Music and is available for pre-order now. In the mean time, Melbourne folks can catch Ali Barter on the following dates:

NGV Summer Sundays / Grollo Equiset Garden / February 12 / free entry

Pier Bandroom Street Party / Pier Bandroom / March 18 / tickets / 18+

Feature image by Hannah Markoff