West Thebarton Brothel Party – Moving Out

‘Moving Out’, the new fast past rollicking headbanger from Adelaide’s West Thebarton Brothel Party is a light-hearted ode to shifting locations. Set to an awesome video of the band playing around a share-house and during a backyard party, the song is an energising and fresh number from a very talented group of musicians. Although it leans on punk stylings, there is a pop sensibility here which allows the chorus hook to stick in the head of the listener. Grab the track on Bandcamp here.

Mere Women – Big Skies

Mere Women, part of the phenomenal Poison City Records family, have just released their new single ‘Big Skies’. Hard to pin down stylistically, the Sydney based quartet have a unique and engaging tone to their music. 80’s influenced synthesisers sit side by side with post-punk instrumentation, and a reverb laced vocal. Muddy, yet rather smooth with a peppering of attitude and glamour  ‘Big Skies’ is an excellent showcase of a rising talent. From the washed out guitars, to the energised and passionate vocal, right through to the skilful use of snare rims – every element of this track compliments the other perfectly. The video showcases utterly gorgeous landscapes, and is certainly worth a watch.

Drug Sweat – Pingu

Clocking in at just over a minute, this blink and you’ll miss it track from Melbourne based outfit Drug Sweat is taken from their upcoming Six Song EP to be released on Aarght Records. A lo-fi punk number decorated with synthesisers and a very catchy guitar riff features the lyrics – “I used to shelve pingers,” which may give you a bit of an idea as to what this band is about. ‘Pingu’ is a rough recording splitting at the seams with character that is played with joy, while also possessing somewhat darker undertones. Listen to it a few times, and it really gets under your skin.

Jade Imagine – Walkin’ Around

This track is a beautiful, gentle and hypnotic piece of music from a rising talent. The Melbourne based artist Jade Imagine is signed to Milk! Records, and her debut EP What The Fuck Was I Thinking is due out April 28th. ‘Walkin’ Around’ is taken from that EP, and there is a gorgeous, smouldering nature to the production which layers as it goes, resulting in a very satisfying climax. Jade Imagine has an incredibly attention grabbing voice, and her storytelling style of songwriting is nothing short of outstanding. A beautifully constructed song, ‘Walkin’ Around’ is a statement of very good things to come from this local talent. Pre-order her new EP here.

The Goods – Make Your Move

Try not to have a whole lot of fun to this song – we dare you. Really, that would be impossible. This alluring, silky number from Sydney based soul electronica outfit The Goods is dripping with personality and temptation. There is an element of Prince inspiration here, and the soulful, seductive nature of the vocal delivery paired with the restrained and careful production results in something very special. ‘Make Your Move’ incorporates elements of funk, house, and pop seamlessly, and it all serves as a call to arms to get down. One of the funnest tracks we’ve come across in a while.

Moody Beach – Vanilla

This track from Sydney based Moody Beach out on Personal Best Records came out about a month ago, but we’ve only just stumbled on it and it really deserves a mention. A perfect slice of dreamy, colourful pop set to an equally dreamy and colourful video. There is a tasteful balance of electronica and organic elements which sit so well with one another. The vocal is soft and gorgeous, and the whole track make the listener feel as though they’ve been whisked away to float in a pool of water, completely outside of the world. There is something hauntingly mesmerising about ‘Vanilla’ that is impossible to shake.