Pitch Music and Arts Festival is being organised by two of Australia’s best promoters, Beyond The Valley & Novel. They’ve combined their creative forces to deliver a line-up and a festival experience that is set to ignite rural Victoria. Situated near the town of Mafeking, the lush location is peppered with blue gums and golden meadows, all under the looming beauty of the Grampians. With a meticulously curated line-up of local and international guests, there is an awful lot of music to dig through if you plan on heading out to Pitch Festival, a three day gathering of music lovers.

So to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of five tracks from some of our favourite artists who’ll be gracing the Pitch stage to get you in the mood for what is shaping up to be a phenomenal festival experience.

Kiasmos – Thrown

Kiasmos, better known as the techno side project of Icelandic classical composer Olafur Arnalds, do not disappoint in a live setting. The classical sensibilities employed by Arnalds throughout the duo’s music allow it a certain sense of technicality that is enthralling. Their patient and slow tracks offer very satisfying builds, and equally satisfying drops. This track is one of their earlier numbers, and it is exemplary of what these two musicians do best. Keep your ears peeled for a sample of a pair of scissors during – it works remarkably well.

NO ZU – Spirit Beat

Feel the heat beat. Hear the spirit beat. NO ZU have carved a unique part of Australian music out for themselves, with an unrelenting originality that utilises influences for all over the place, and propagates them into a self defined genre of “heat beat.” Their live set is fluid, and the songs are constantly evolving, depending on the gig – this means every NO ZU show is entirely unique. This track from their recent album is a great example of the incredibly fun, incredibly infectious music the outfit makes. And in a live setting, it’s just that much more fun.

Client Liaison – Off White Limousine

Is there really anything we need to say about Client Liaison? They know how to bring a good time. Their staging, their aesthetic, their music, the sheer sense of fun that they deliver to their performance, and the catchiness of all of their music culminates in one of the best live acts you can catch in Australia. Their debut album Diplomatic Immunity is a testament to their songwriting skill, and this song in particular seems to encapsulate everything that Client Liaison represent. Would you not want to take a ride in their off white limousine? We sure would.

Albrecht La’Brooy – Butter Sessions #35

This isn’t so much a single track as it is an hour of Albrecht La’Brooy doing their incredible, hypnotic, improvised thing. But if you’ve got time for it, it’s well worth it. Both trained musicians, the duo of Albrecht La’Brooy create stunning soundscapes that are anchored in musicality, but dominated by free-flowing dance music ideals. This live and improvised Butter Session is a testament to the skill of the two, and the intuitive nature of their musical relationship. Their set at Pitch Festival is sure to be a highlight.

Sleep D – Bacon

This track from local electronic act Sleep D is all kinds of awesome. Detailed synthesisers, smooth grooves and slick production build the foundations of this perfect number, that works oh so well in a live, dance-floor setting. Sleep D will be sure to entice some of the best boogies that Pitch Festival 2017 will have to offer.

Pitch Festival‘s line up not only includes the aforementioned artists, but many other incredible additions from around Australia and the world, including Toro Y Moi and Andras. Check out the full line-up and get yourself some tickets right here.