We’ve got some amazing talent in this fair city of Melbourne. Here is five of our favourite Melbournites who are killing it in their craft at the moment with some absolutely terrific releases.

Pastiche – Pastiche

The first record from Melbourne outfit Pastiche, recorded, written and produced solely by George Johnston is one the best local albums of the year. A unique and wonderfully intimate affair, Pastiche is littered with detailed intricacies which make it an absorbing listen. The use of a vocoder throughout is tasteful and clever, never being too overbearing. Seeing Pastiche live is a very different experience to that of the album, but the performances are a thing to behold, as the band George has formed behind him are well-oiled, and bring a distinct flavour to the songs. Though there is no lack of outstanding work on the self-titled record, highlights include Piggy and The Beast and Vomit Pt. 1.

Elkkle – Don’t Look Down.

Racking up more than 90,000 plays in just over a month is an incredible feat for any artist – let alone from a guy from Melbourne in his early 20’s. Elkkle is the moniker behind which Callum Baker produces music and this track, one of his first official releases, is incredibly telling of the things this young artist is bound to accomplish. Impressively detailed and overflowing with different sounds and ideas, ‘Don’t Look Down’ is a constantly evolving track that ebbs and flows with a fascinating trajectory, so varied stylistically and with such a multitude of moving parts that it is impossible to pin down. As you listen to the song, you can almost feel the painstaking effort that would have to have gone into creating such a detailed listen, and that effort certainly pays off. Callum has said of the track, “During the time around writing ‘Don’t Look Down’ I became very self-aware that I was fearful of a lot of things. I was about to finish University, I was in a relationship, I was living independently – and with all this came a cloud of uncertainty between myself and my future. Sometimes the ground beneath you might seem so far away that looking down can only hold you back from climbing higher.” 

The Braves – Comedown Kid/Lonesome Town

Comedown Kid/Lonesone Town is a double single taken from The Braves forthcoming record All Through Paradise. A group of guys from the picturesque hills of Belgrave in Victoria, the band have been hard at work performing all over Melbourne for the last little while. The first single from All Through Paradise, ‘Black Mass’ was a twisted, groovy, sharp-edged gothic love affair. ‘Comedown Kid’ and ‘Lonesome Town’ both follow a similar path, populated by angst, a dark energy, and a searing passion for their craft. The releases from All Through Paradise so far have all had a far more delicate air to them than previous work by The Braves, and the record is shaping up to be the breakthrough that these hardworking lads so deserve. The Braves will release All Through Paradise on Spooky Records in early 2017.

Lossless – Lossless

The self-titled debut from Melbourne mainstays HTML Flowers & Oscar Key Sung is an aggressive, surprising and downright joyous release. Carrying on from the work the duo did years ago as Brothers Hand Mirror, their self titled debut reaches incredible highs both production wise and lyrically. HTML Flowers spits venom as he raps about his anger at the world around him, unpacks his own insecurities, or takes a selfie on the toilet. His flows are tight and there is rarely a throwaway lyric. The American born MC has the technical skills to go up against the best, and this record clearly proves that fact. The slick production of Oscar Key Sung creates a perfect atmosphere for HTML Flowers‘ rhymes, and the record is nothing short of incredible. Dealing with complex and often morbid subject matter such as hospital visits and illness, Lossless‘ first album still manages to be a whole lot of fun. Standout tracks include ‘Full Raichu’, ‘My Clique’ and the hauntingly honest, utterly beautiful ‘Teeth Real Yellow’. Lossless is out now through Wondercore Island.

Lalić – Portal

Lalić has been hard at work for a few years now, playing gigs on the regular while also taking part in collaborations like their recent work with Slippy Mane. The record they’ve just released, Portal, was unveiled just days ago, and it is a beautiful, sprawling work that takes cues from decades of music that has come before it. Jangly and poppy, but with a psych edge, Portal is a spectacular work by a spectacular artist, pushing boundaries of guitar based music, and building a lush, gorgeous collection of songs that are as timeless as they are current. Their voice is versatile, and there are so many moods communicated throughout the record. But mostly, it feels like simmering heat waves visible in the distance as you’re driving down a long, straight country road in the summer time.