Here are a few releases that are blasting in our office today, right out of the city we love.

Tornado Wallace Feat. Sui Zhen – Today

This number just released by one of Melbourne’s new wave of dance producers, Tornado Wallace, is a sweeping, 80’s inspired number that get’s right under your skin. Sui Zhen of NO ZU‘s unmistakable vocal is utterly perfect over the track, with her spoken word delivery is goose-bump inducing. The spacious production of the track with wide, warm synths and reverberated guitar licks makes for a flawless affair that sounds like a late evening, walking along a rain soaked city street, bathed by neon lights.

King Stag – King Stag EP

The debut EP from King Stag is an absolute scorcher in every possible way. Songwriting excellence contrasted with a ferocious playing style brings to mind echoes of some of The Arctic Monkeys best work. For a three piece band, their sound is entirely monstrous, and the muddy production on this EP adds to the overall stormy atmosphere of their work. Tight musicality is complimented by a passionate delivery on all fronts, and this results in a fantastic listen.

Slim Jeffries – Slim Jeffries LP

The very first few seconds of Slim Jeffries debut album grabs your attention and refuses to let you go. Aggressive spoken word delivery displays gorgeously poetic lyrics, which quickly morph into an aggressive punk progression that is reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine. Somewhat spacious instrumentation allows the heavy numbers that populate this release the proper space to breath, even when each part is played with full force. The politically charged ‘Pauline’ shows that Slim Jeffries not only have a bombastic energy, but also an ability to cut to the core of social unrest, albeit in a simple way – “I hate you Pauline, f*** you, I hate you Pauline, and your white bread Aussie dream.”

Elbrus – Elbrus

The debut record from Elbrus decorates itself with a huge amount of fascinating musical detours. Part heavy metal, part sonic ambience, part blues – it doesn’t really allow for a pigeonhole. Slow grooves and delicate instrumentation are just as common on this album as heavy, raucous noise. The vocals on display throughout are haunting and mesmerising, and the arrangements, transitions and atmosphere throughout are ever engaging, and never boring.