Are you looking for a tropical vibe to bring a smile to your face on today?

Well then, CKNU have just the tune and video for you. A breezy, feel good atmosphere permeates ‘Plus One’, with the marimba, bongos and synthesisers creating a lush, enveloping environment. There is a sweetness evident in the lyrics, a playful sincerity that gives the song so much character. Elements of soul, pop and reggae appear throughout, resulting in a delightful tapestry.

The tongue in cheek video is a glorious, colourful good time with an underlying narrative involving a beach thongs collector. Band member Sah explained that “people collect a lot of weird things, so we decided that each band member has their own funny and weird obsession. The thong infatuation being the main focus of the video, because what’s more Australian than a pair of flip-flops?”

Check it out the awesome new video below.

CKNU will officially launch ‘Plus One’ tomorrow night (10th of November) at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall in Brisbane.