The Victorian government have done it again! As part of the $22.2 million Music Works initiative, the state has once more invested many dollars into another program that promotes the longevity of the music industry and community. Partnering with the significant youth music organisation The Push and their annual Face The Music conference, the $1.2 million investment is looking to be worth it.


Music Under Wings will be a multi-faceted, three-year program that encourages those in the early stages of their music career, whether they be a musician, a technician, or an entrepreneur, to further their skills in the industry. The program will offer mentoring by iconic musicians and established industry faces, as well as masterclasses, skill development sessions, and even business development training.

With the Victorian government dishing out $500,000 last month to fund various bands, venues, festivals, and events projects in their major funding round, as well as the federal government breathing life back into the once dying Sounds Australia for another four years, it seems that politicians are finally coming to terms with the fact that the Australian music industry is a valuable asset.