Ty Segall is a force to be reckoned with. Lurking the garage scene since 2008, the eclectic soloist released a score of albums over the past eight years, each of which has often lived up to the hype around it. The recording machine now hits back with another album, Ty Segall, a mix of brutal thrashers as well as tender, acoustic moments.

One of these tender moments is Segall‘s new single, ‘Orange Colour Queen’. Fuzz is pulled back for the warm plucks of guitar strings and Segall‘s voice at the forefront, a nice departure from his typically hair-raising, head-banging shredding. Both the artist and the audience slow down with this song, and when the electric guitar stops by for a brief guitar solo, it’s tastefully done.

The surprisingly stripped back single is sure to tug at the interest of all, and makes fans question which path the garage-dweller will take next. Ty Segall drops January 27 on Spunk Records.