Swanky songstress, Tanzer is back and better than ever with her fresh EP, Four Love Songs By Tanzer. In an infusion of theatrics and electronica, Tanzer graces us with an invigorating sensuality. As we experience the passionate pining that is layered throughout her latest release, Tanzer reinvigorates the ’60s soundtrack with contemporary dramatics and subtle electronica pulsating throughout her tracks.

The first track on the EP, ‘Johnny’, presents a story of longing and desire as Tanzer croons her yearning for the boy whose eyes “flash baby blue“. The steady beat that resonates throughout the song is reminiscent of Johnny being able to whip girls “into a daze” as Tanzer entrances us with her indulgent sultriness. Cabaret influences seep out of the cracks in ‘My Divine Only’, accentuating the intimate and dynamic feel of the EP. The track consists of an array of suspenseful crescendos and liberating climaxes. Starting out soft and slow, Tanzer steadily transforms the track into something empowering and almost tangible through the track’s relaxed flow and dramatic outbursts of song.

It is perhaps the third song on the EP, ‘Sleep’, that Tanzer reveals a true intimacy into the EP. The track is half-song, half-monologue as Tanzer trills her lyrics in a true poetic nature. Feelings of longing echo throughout the track and fill it with a perpetual aching whilst Tanzer croons, “I will love you” in pure, velvet wonder.

In the EP’s final instalment, ‘That’s Why Darling’, Tanzer demonstrates a dark devotion through deep, rumbling synth and fervent vocals. We are moved through the cyclical rhythms of the track as we experience the climaxes and breaks of Tanzer’s brooding vocals. This final track ensures our entrapment as listeners through sentiments both invigorating and empowering as Tanzer decides to end her moving EP on – quite literally – a high note.

With an effortless class, Tanzer allows us insight into one of the most fragile aspects of human nature, affection and affinity. Her EP serves as a window into the personal life of an artist and acts a vehicle to deliver a poignant soliloquy on love and longing. Veiled in an electronic-burlesque outfit, Tanzer’s Four Love Songs By Tanzer transcends the boundaries of love songs with an unparalleled confidence and creativity; it is something cut from a different cloth.

Four Love Songs By Tanzer is available now on MP3/limited edition heart-shaped glitter vinyl: https://tanzer.bandcamp.com/