Female artists are constantly undermined in the electronic music industry, but Synth Babe Records and Node Techno Collective have joined forces to shine a light on some of the best female electronic producers and frontwomen in Melbourne. The compilation, Volume 1 Babes of… Melbourne will be split into two releases and showcase the best emerging electronic female talent, with all proceeds going to the International Women’s Development Agency.

The two-part release boasts a more-than-substantial list of artists, including Ok Sure, Ninoosh, Louise Terra, SAATSUMA, Paradigm, LACUNA, KT Spit, Chiara Kickdrum, Patricia Kay, Pillow Pro, Maya, Bek Davis, Symmetrix, Sophia Sin, Misumami, Khali Carter, Emah Fox and The Vainglories.

The visibility of these exciting artists, as well as the fundraising for the fight for equal representation, is sure to make huge strides for women in the electronic scene in the Melbourne music industry.

Visibility is the key to dismantling stereotypes like the idea that there aren’t many women interested in electronic music. This, in turn, inspires more young women and girls to get involved.” Kaltès – a techno artist and event promoter from Germany who focuses on putting on all-female lineups and events

Volume 1 Babes of…Melbourne – Part A is out now via Bandcamp, with Part B set to drop Wednesday 1 February 2017.