It’s the everyday grindings of routine that can our creativity. It’s often an itch – a deeper urge to glance away from the reactive and ever-changing fluorescents of our screens – that challenges us to change. When extracting ourselves from the trap of modernity, we’re rewarded with greater productivity and focus; we have a stronger vision, a strong mind and a strong ethic to keep pushing against the tide.

Born in the frustrations and flatline motions of a day-to-day routine, ‘Long Road’ is the debut single of experimental band, On Diamond. Curating a space that represents the frustrations of life’s never-ending cycles, the video accompaniment crumbles between frontwoman Lisa Salvo’s fingers, making way for a kind of post-internet elegance that ebbs and flows. Putting fists to work regime can feel a little strange, and it’s in this oddity that On Diamond’s work charms viewers.

Directed and produced by celebrated photographer, actor and theatre creator Pier Carthew along with On Diamond’s Lisa Salvo, the duo come together effortlessly. Juxtaposing movement and alluring mismatches, it is a slow and intriguing point of learning how to step back. As Salvo notes, “the [action of] boxing represents both the frustration at a seemingly futile existence and the determination to keep going.” Watch the clip below and be sure to RSVP to On Diamond’s ethereal performance.

On Diamond – Long Road Video Launch
Tuesday 12th July
Howler, Brunswick VIC