Spreading their idiosyncrasies around the nation, Sydney’s Philadelphia Grand Jury are constantly stepping up their game when it comes to including their fanbase in their performance. Unconventional and experimental, Philadelphia Grand Jury are always finding ways to interact with their audience in an intimate way, and in the case of their 2016 tour, it’s through song.

The band’s ‘So You Think You Can Philly Jays?’ national tour kicks off next Friday, and the three-piece outfit have added an extra-inventive aspect to connect with their fans. The national tour consists of the band creating and constructing their own Karaoke venues where a few fortunate fans will have the pleasure of belting out their favourite Philly Jays songs, and some typical Karaoke classics… alongside the Philly Jays themselves.

On this note, it seems Australia’s Karaoke scene is becoming increasingly popular within the nightlife culture, particularly in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. For example, Melbourne’s Rainbow Karaoke features 44 individual rooms, each with their own personalised theme, ensuring a distinct experience each time you visit. Maybe the Philly Jays themselves have teared up the floor in one of these decadent rooms, who knows – they seem to love karaoke! For more information see here.

Check out the details below for these stopovers, and make sure to have plenty of liquid echinacea and rest to prepare those vocal chords.

‘So You Think You Can Philly Jays?’ Tour Dates
Friday May 27th
The Brightside, Brisbane
Tickets here

Friday June 3rd
Transit Bar, Canberra
Tickets here

Saturday June 4th
Jimmy’s Den, Perth
Tickets here

Friday June 10th
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Tickets here

Saturday 11th June
Yah Yah’s, Melbourne
Tickets here