It’s been a few long years since we were graced with the presence of Kimbra; a New Zealand sapling unearthed by a charting collaboration with Gotye that eventually bloomed into debut record, Vows. Shedding light and dripping with along her follow-up The Golden Echo, Kimbra has returned with the bouncy and fluctuating rhythms that hallmarked her flamboyant emerging sound. Playful and jetlagged, ‘Sweet Relief’ twists as much as it turns, perforating Kimbra’s vocals as it tugs between melody and ethereal blips.

Paired with a fleshy and textured music video, ‘Sweet Relief’ rises up in adjacent to Kimbra’s past work – it sounds hungrier, more confident and far more addictive. Directed by Phillip David Stearns, the video celebrates Kimbra’s deliberation on creative chaos as she notes on Facebook, “I wanted to share something fresh before I hibernate for a bit to make my third album next month. This song came from a time of experimentation and newfound creative liberation for me — excited to invite you into that space.”